Monday, March 12, 2012

Revenge - PaleyFest 2012/Season 1 Spoilers

Well, we might have another four weeks until the show returns but at yesterday's PaleyFest, we did get some tantalising bits on the final six episodes of Revenge's first year.

- The flashback episode will be set in 2002 and it will be Emily's first encounter with the likes of Lydia, Victoria, et al prior to learning of her father's innocence and it solidifies what her father's diaries have been telling her.
- Mason Treadwell will return in the next episode as part of Victoria's plans to help Daniel out and she will go to great lengths to save her son.
- Episode 18 jumps to December while Episode 19 will wrap up Daniel's trial for murder.
- The finale will ends things on a cliffhanger but weren't we all expecting that?
- Expect the Jack/Emily/Daniel love triangle to steer a certain way pretty soon

- If you're an Emily/Nolan shipper, their relationship will never be romantic or sexual according to creator Mike Kelley who said their relationship was intended to be sibling like. Thank goodness for that.
- There's a distinct possibility that David Clarke may be alive and well. However we won't be finding out for sure yet.
- Expect some vengeance with Victoria and Conrad in their divorce storyline.
- Ashley will have a shift in loyalty, which includes a decision in relation to Emily.
- Episode titles that are flying about for the next four episodes are Doubt, Justice, Absolution and Legacy.

Sounds like the final six episodes are going to be boat load of fun. Now, can a UK station please get the rights to this show already?

PaleyFest Write Up:

Revenge returns on ABC, Wednesdays at 10pm from April 11th.

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