Saturday, March 31, 2012

Soap Discussion - March 2012

And here's the penultimate article of the month.

Coronation Street: Ah, what an interesting month. Anyone else who didn't expect the killer of Frank to be his own mother? Of course not, because we all saw that one coming. There was no way the show was going to be ballsy enough to actually have either Carla, Peter, Sally, Kevin or Michelle do Frank in. Still, it's a better storyline than Lewis's presence in Audrey's life causing ructions with her family or the tastless storyline with Eileen/Paul/Lesley or boring Karl and Sunita's idiotic affair. Sort it out, show.

EastEnders: It had to happen - Heather had to die and while I was never fond of the character, even I have a massive issue with her exit. It just seemed needlessly violent and why it had to involve Ben beggars belief. The fact that poor Andrew seems to be in the frame and Shirley continues to be an insufferable bitch doesn't exactly help matters. Anyone else hoping that Hev's death does us all a favour and exits Shirley/puts Ben in jail? I can't be the only one who wants that. Other than that, it's been a fairly routine month with Lauren continuing to pile the booze away, Phil getting released from the slammer and Ian sticking his foot in it with Mandy (whose vile mother we had to endure for a few episodes).

Emmerdale: I'm still losing interest with this show. Even Adam trying to kill Cain wasn't that much fun to watch (maybe Zac took the fun out of it) and implausibility of Aaron willing to take the blame for the fire in the garage is kind of taking the piss. Ashley's continuous abuse and neglect of his father though is an interesting plot point. Other than that, nothing else is standing out at the moment for the show.

Hollyoaks: Still at a good consistency level. Nice that the whole George plot has been mostly resolved, even if the 'faking his death' part seemed a bit implausible but the strength of it has been his friendship with Callum and the support he showed when Ashe fell ill during this week's episodes. Nancy's miscarriage is also another nicely handled storyline as is the subplot of Jacqui trying to help out Phoebe and the whole dynamic with Mercedes, Riley and Mitzeee. All in all, another impressive month. Okay, so Rob and Annalise breaking up is hardly riveting stuff but you can't have everything.

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