Saturday, April 14, 2012

Doctor Who - Series 7 Filming In New York

And filming in New York too place this week for the final episode of Doctor Who to feature Amy and Rory but not the final episode that both Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill have to film though. That would be 7x04, written by Chris Chibnall.

The Doctor engages in reading a book while Amy and Rory appear to be very much loved up. Considering that we saw divorce papers in filming for the opening episode, I guess this is another reassurance that Amy and Rory won't be splitting up - or is it?

Look, the Doctor's reading the book about someone called Melody Malone and the woman on the cover looks suspiciously similar to River. Alex Kingston will be in this episode and there is supposed to be at least one scene where she'll be saving her father from gangsters.

Rory seems to have gotten himself into a spot of bother with some gangsters but seeing as this episode also features the return of the Weeping Angels, I'd say the gangsters are going to be the least of Rory's problems. Also some of the newspapers that him and Amy are reading suggests that some of this episode is set in September 2018 for some reason.

And here's one of the Doctor and Amy goofing about. On a slightly unrelated note, Karen Gillan has now joined the ranks of Twitter along with the Moff and Arthur Darvill. I wonder if this means that at some point Matt Smith, Jenna-Louise Coleman and/or Alex Kingston can be persuaded. You can follow Kazza here ...!/KarenGillan2 just no marriage proposals, lads!

Filming Pictures:

Series 7 of Doctor Who will air in November on BBC1.

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Can't wait for this episode.