Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Woke Up Gay

I caught this BBC3 documentary last night called I Woke Up Gay last night about former rugby lad about town Chris Birch who suffered a stroke and woke up a completely different man, even down to his own sexual orientation and I watched with an open mind.

I know strokes can definitely change people's personalities (as we learned in the documentary with former block layer turned artist Robbie) but even I had a hard time believing that it could change someone's sexuality and throughout the documentary, Chris did seem to seek out both medical advice and renew contact with his former friends and girlfriends in order to learn if there had been any indication that he might have been gay before his stroke.

To be fair, the documentary explored both the possibility that the stroke could've changed his orientation and also the fact that it didn't (something which Chris's partner Jak and many people who've heard about the story seem to believe), but ultimately, it didn't seem to give off a definitive answer either though it did end with Chris coming to terms with both his former life and current one, where he now works as a hairdresser and has a new set of friends, who've become a family sorts for him.

Overall, a fascinating documentary from BBC3 and certainly one of their more insightful ones as well.

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