Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Top 40 TV Characters Part 3

And here is the third part of my rundown of favourite TV characters.

26: Atia (Polly Walker) - Rome

Oh, Atia. Now here's a woman who would give Cersei Lannister a run for her money when it comes to devious/sociopathic matriarchal characters. No matter what crazy antics this woman pulled - pimping out her children, torturing/ruining her enemies, Atia remained a fascinating character to watch in the show's two year run.

27: Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (Justin Hartley) - Smallville

Yes, I was tempted to pick either Clark/Lois/Chloe/Tess/Lex but I guess Oliver wins out, simply from evolving into a rogue-ish typical playboy character into an incredibly honourable and interesting hero, especially in the show's final two seasons. As allies go, Oliver was definitely one of the best when it came to having Clark's back.

28: K9 (John Leeson) - K9

Come on - it's a metal dog and while this K9 isn't quite as interesting as the ones we've seen in both Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures, he's still interesting enough to merit being on my list. Long live the metal dog, no matter what show he ends up on.

29: Bridget Kelly (Sarah Michelle Gellar) - Ringer

This show might have many problems in it's way but the one consistently well written and brilliant character has been Bridget Kelly - the former stripper/alcoholic whose been spending the last few months pretending to be her bitchier sister Siobhan Martin whilst falling for Andrew and trying to avoid Bodaway like the plague. That role alone has been interesting for Gellar.

30: Tess Roberts (Fiona Button) - Lip Service

Anyone should've seen this one coming. After all, I chose Alice when the first part of my list touched on The L Word and Tess certainly has similar endearing characteristics to that infamous Chart creator and here's hoping in the show's upcoming second run, she's a little less unlucky in love.

Part 4 should be up on Sunday or Monday.

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