Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Lip Service - Season 2 Press Release

Okay, I should've put this up last week but now at least a press release for Lip Service's second year has surfaced. Some of the main pointers ...

- Cat, Frankie, Sadie, Tess and Sam are all back for starters.
- Tess and Frankie are living together and take in a lodger - new girl/Aussie doctor Lexy.
- Lexy's got a gay male friend named Dr Declan Love.
- Sinead Keenan will be playing a fellow actor of Tess's called Nora and she's a manipulative one.
- Tess also gains a new down on his luck friend named Hugh.
- Neve McIntosh will be joining the show later as a magazine editor called Lauren.

More Details: 

Lip Service returns to BBC3 Fridays 9pm from April 20th.

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