Friday, April 13, 2012

Top 40 TV Characters Part 5

And here is Part 5 to the list. Sorry for the delay, the week's been a bit of a mad one.

16: Gene Hunt (Philip Glenister) - Life On Mars

Boorish, brutish and the epitome of a man who was a product of his time - why the hell do I like this character again? Oh, yes, that's because our Gene-Genie was a bloody force to be reckoned with that two shows had to spend five years explaining to us just how crucial he was to both the Sam Tylers and Alex Drakes of the world.

17: Sharon 'Shaz' Granger (Montserrat Lombard) - Ashes To Ashes

I was tempted to pick Alex as well but I guess over the course of the three years, the character I became a bit more attached to was Shaz. Wasn't she a fun character? Especially in the second season finale where she went all gun toting in a wedding dress. And her relationship with Chris never ceased to be lovely, even if they were rather on-off in the last year.

18: Caroline Forbes (Candace Accola) - The Vampire Diaries

Yes, vampire Barbie has become my favourite character on the bloody show (well, people tend to die a lot here) - something which I didn't expect to happen but seeing as she's kind of the Cordelia Chase, perhaps I should've. Her best moment - probably beating the snot out of Damon this season, though I'm not liking her future plots with Klaus though.

19: Elizabeth 'Liz' Cruz (Roma Maffia) - Nip/Tuck

How much do I love Liz as a character? Probably more than the writers did, considering the amount of crap they subjected her - kidneys being stolen, Alanis Morrissette as a girlfriend, having a baby with Sean and being briefly married to Christian. However, despite some rubbish plots, Liz was one of the few characters to escape the series with her dignity still in tact, a sentiment that couldn't be expressed for every other character on the show.

20: John Watson (Martin Freeman) - Sherlock

Sherlock might be the clever one of the bunch but for me, Watson is the more interesting one of the bunch and his patience with Sherlock's eccentricities at times is astounding. No, really, I do love Sherlock but Watson I guess is just the stronger character and Freeman's portrayal of him has become one of my favourites in a long time.

Part 6 will be up in a couple of days.

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