Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Review of Ringer's 1x22: "I'm The Good Twin"

Written by Eric Charmelo And Nicole Snyder
Directed by Eriq LaSalle

Bridget (to Henry): “Siobhan wanted me dead?”

As I often say to my sister, I’m the good twin (I don’t really, well maybe once or twice) but when you are Siobhan Martin, you really don’t have the right to say that you’re the good twin because it most definitely is not true. Also, after this episode, Siobhan finally got a taste of some real consequences for her actions and it was certainly overdue.

I might not have wanted her to die at the hands of the sinfully boring Bodaway but considering that she intended to have her own sister killed, it did seem like karma came back to bite Siobhan in the backside during her face-off with the idiotic drug lord. It’s also rather funny for Siobhan that it was Bridget of all people who saved her from being killed by Bodaway as well.

As for Henry stripping Siobhan bare of any financial security – here is where I’m conflicted. I get that Henry had finally lost his patience with Siobhan’s multitude of lying and constantly allowing her own needs to dominate their relationship but even I’m not entirely rooting for Henry either on this one.

Okay, she did lie about the twins being his and while I actually believed that he would’ve raised them happily knowing he wasn’t their real dad (so who is – Andrew or Charlie? It’s obviously not Tyler), Siobhan is now penniless with two babies and no matter how much of a bitch she’s been all season long, it does merit some sympathy towards her, plus Henry is no flipping angel, a fact that he seems to have forgotten himself.

Then again, Siobhan is annoyingly resourceful and when she wasn’t trying to steal stuff from Andrew, she did manage to tug at the heart strings of a nurse to stay the night at the hospital. Basically, if anyone other than Bridget can get themselves out of a dire situation, it’s definitely Siobhan. However, Henry and Andrew should be the least of Siobhan’s worries now that Bridget knows she’s alive.

I really hate that this episode didn’t actually end with Bridget and Siobhan coming face to face with each other. After 22 episodes, it felt like such a cheat and given that it’s almost safe to assume the show is not coming back, it genuinely annoys me as well to no end. I think I would’ve paid the writers myself to have seen that particular confrontation.

Of course, being the good twin as well didn’t prevent Bridget from suffering genuine consequences as well either. Bridget’s lies came out due to Tim exposing Siobhan and Henry’s affair and Bridget having to tell both Andrew and Juliet that she’s been pretending to be her sister all along.

As much as I do want Andrew and Juliet to forgive Bridget, I liked that their responses were genuinely believable and I also liked that Bridget had a good support system in this episode courtesy of Solomon and Greer as well. If by some crazy miracle this show does come back, I want Bridget to get her own happy ending because she definitely deserves it alright and Juliet and Andrew themselves have done far worse than Bridget as well for them to stay mad at her forever.

As for the rest of the rest of the episode – Bodaway the boring villain finally died and Victor can finally put the case behind him. If this is the last time we see Victor, it will be a good thing. Much as I like the actor, I just couldn’t care about Victor as a character and there’s no further need for him now.

Also in “I’m The Good Twin”

The wedding dream sequence with Bridget and Andrew at the start of the episode was ridiculously cheesy but actually in a rather fun way.

Bridget (at AA): “When I was using, I didn’t care about anyone. I didn’t mean anything to anyone. In the last seven months, I’ve really learned to let people in and they’ve let me in. It feels good to say that life is good.”

This episode seemed to confirm in a roundabout way that Malcolm is sadly no longer with us. I really don’t like that.

Andrew: “I’m so grateful to be given a second chance. Sometimes I feel I don’t deserve it.”
Bridget: “Everyone deserves a second chance, right?”

Jimmy: “Bridget, what are you doing here?”
Siobhan: “It’s Siobhan, I’m the good twin.”

Despite not having a lot of dialogue in this episode, we did see Bodaway killing Shaylene in flashback and Jimmy and a security guard in the present day.

Bridget: “This isn’t a fantasy, it’s real life and when I do tell them, it’ll be over.”
Solomon: “So what are you gonna do?”

Siobhan: “All this talk about honesty and you were lying?”
Henry: “The test was a test. I wanted to see how you handle the truth.”

Siobhan called her twin daughters Portia and Regan while Tim is now Andrew’s boss.

Bridget: “My life completely changed when I met you seven months ago.”
Andrew: “Seven years ago.”
Bridget: “No, seven months. I didn’t cheat on you with Henry. Andrew, I’m not Siobhan, I’m Bridget.”

Bodaway (to Siobhan): “You can’t hide forever, Bridget. This ends tonight.”

I hope the CW doesn’t delay too much in telling us the fate of this show, regardless of how it’s going to fare.

Siobhan: “I have to get my old life back.”

Chronology: It’s been seven months since the opening episode, so April 2012.

It’s been an interesting and a frustrating show to watch and review at times but as a finale went, “I’m The Good Twin” is a classic mixed bag. We got some resolutions and some cliff hangers thrown our way and while this might not have been the powerhouse vehicle for Sarah Michelle Gellar to make her TV return, the show possibly would’ve been a lot worse without her.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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"and while this might not have been the powerhouse vehicle for Sarah Michelle Gellar to make her TV return, the show possibly would’ve been a lot worse without her. "

Oh, definitely.