Thursday, April 05, 2012

My Review of Ringer's 1x20: "If You're Just An Evil Bitch, Then Get Over It"

Written by Cathryn Humphris
Directed by Roger Kumble

Juliet (to Catherine): “You know, I just want a normal mom and if you are sick, I want to you to get better. But if you’re just an evil bitch, then get over it.”

And if Juliet fancies a career in running an agony aunt column, she might want to brush up on her empathy skills a tad before pursuing. Of course, Juliet raised a good point in relation to her mother’s actions – it’s a pity for Bridget that Catherine simply cannot get over it.

Catherine, in her own way rightfully blamed ‘Siobhan’ for her marriage to Andrew going down the tube and has been spending the last few months trying to bump ‘Siobhan’ off and managing to fail each time. It was time for her to take a far more direct approach and here’s where Catherine really showed her crazy side. The suicide attempt and manipulating the situation so that she could stay with Andrew, Juliet and Bridget was a nice move on Catherine’s part.

Using her tablets and drugging Bridget with them in the last act of the episode was another impressive. Do I honestly think Bridget will actually die? Of course I don’t but Catherine’s actually emerged as a great threat to Bridget, so I have to give the show props on that one alone.

If anything, the real Siobhan should actually be taking some lessons from Catherine when it comes to a bit of masterminding. Even when Siobhan attempted to use her scheming to save Henry’s arse, it ended up backfiring on her big time. It turns out there are some maids out there who don’t take kindly to being bribed.

The two interesting things that resulted from this failed attempt of bribery was that Bridget finally realised that Henry killed Tyler and if she can actually piece the rest together, then maybe this show will finally have both Bridget and Siobhan facing off against each other because it’s definitely a showdown that’s been way overdue now.

The second interesting thing from this was also Henry dumping Siobhan as well. Given that Henry had his kids taken off him and that Tim seemed determined to destroy him, it really wasn’t Henry’s week. I like Tim – he’s actually a lot of fun but he’s also another painful reminder of how lame Bodaway actually is as a character as well.

I’m guessing with his scenes with Andrew over the flash drive that the latter is about to find out that Siobhan cheated on him with Henry. Of course the bigger priority for Andrew should be the fact that his ex-wife is trying to bump off the woman pretending to be his current wife but next week’s trailer showed that he’ll be taking care of that.

As for Victor – he made some progress in this episode. Bridget trusted him enough to open up about the man she killed in self-defence back in the opening episode and he also managed to figure out that Catherine was behind the hit as well. It’s amazing how much actual competence Victor showed in this episode. Now if he manages to save everyone from Catherine, he’ll be doing fine, won’t he?

Also in “If You’re Just An Evil Bitch, Then Get Over It”

Juliet uttered the title of this episode. Of course, more alarmingly was the way Juliet presented Bridget with a letter opener.

Bridget (to Andrew): “Whoever’s doing this, they’re not after Bridget. They’re after me.”

Henry’s kids are called Dash and Bex. Only on an American show would they be called that. Oh and Roger Kumble who directed this episode also directed Cruel Intentions as well.

Siobhan: “This one I know I can fix.”

Tim (to Henry): “There’s no talking yourself out of this. I’m going to destroy you, whatever it takes. I will make you and Siobhan pay for what you did.”

Where the hell are both Malcolm and Olivia? There are only two episodes left, so can we please find out what’s happened to them already?

Siobhan: “I don’t care about revenge if I lose you.”
Henry: “No, it’s too late. I’m not gonna leave my boys and don’t try to fix anything else because every time you do, things just get worse.”

Catherine: “Find what you’re looking for?”
Bridget: “It’s you.”

Chronology: From where “Let’s Kill Bridget” left off.

“If You’re Just An Evil Bitch, Then Get Over It” is certainly interesting enough, especially with the likes of Tim and Catherine being genuine threats and Victor actually being useful and good at his job for once. That doesn’t however mean that I think this show has much of a future left in it though.

Rating: 7 out of 10


Anonymous said...

The captions say that the second boy is named "Becks".

The flaw with Catherine's plan is that no one would believe Siobhan offed herself rather than Catherine being responsible, especially when Machado is onto her and Catherine knows this.

shawnlunn2002 said...

Ah right, just sounded more Bex than Becks.

Catherine's plan is flawed, but one presumes she's not going to succeed anyways.