Saturday, April 07, 2012

The Night Is Full Of Terrors

And here's a rundown of some of the things I've been watching over the last few weeks.

Desperate Housewives: Okay, the show is still operating on a nice consistency level over the last few weeks but with Julie and Porter becoming parents and having different viewpoints on it, it does seem to be something of a distraction from the main plot. I mean, should Susan/Lynette/Gabby be aware of the fact that Orson is trying to drive a wedge between them and Bree? And how much longer is Carlos going to be in rehab and why can't Renee get a better storyline than trying to solve Ben's money woes? Even Karen has gotten a rather poignant storyline now.

Game Of Thrones: The North may remember but apparently so does the rest of America too, given that the opening episode for Season 2 clocked in an impressive 6 million viewers for HBO. As openers go, this one felt more like a set up piece but an extremely well executed one with Joffrey embracing his reign, Sansa trying to tow the line, Littlefinger/Tyrion/Cersei all trying to outsmart each other, Rob and Cat dealing with practicalities of making allies and Daenerys trying to find help for her disillusioned tribe. The likes of Arya, Jon and company did feel a little left out but with the introduction of Stannis and that creepy as hell priestess, Melisandre, I have a feeling this series could be even better than the first one.

Homeland: Seven episodes in and I'm still pulled into watching this beauty of a show. It's been interesting to see both Carrie and Brody actually engage in a sexual tryst before things quickly soured between them but I can't help thinking it could've been extended a little longer. Carrie does seem to be unravelling a little over the last few episodes, which is obviously setting up a fall of sorts in time for the finale. Either way, this show is continuously gripping to watch.

Skins: The last two episodes of Series 6 have been interesting enough. Maybe there was a bit of overkill with Frankie's parental issues but at least the tedious love triangle between her, Matty and Nick is finally out of the way (she ditched them both) and Mini/Alo have become parents while Alex left Bristol as well. As a finale went, it's the best one we've had since the second series and a welcome antidote to the horrible way the fourth series ended things. I do hope the next series/specials are a good way of sending the show off in style because this was a good way of doing it.

The Vampire Diaries: This show is still excellent to watch. The last few episodes have pushed Stefan and Elena further apart, made Damon less annoying, given Alaric a mysterious new girlfriend in Meredith, have created a triangle of sorts between Klaus/Caroline/Tyler, debuted Bonnie's estranged mother, Abby and more importantly has seen the welcomed return of Elijah as well. Now if the latter can beat seven shades of crap out of Klaus, it really will be the best series ever.

Titanic: I really wanted to like this mini-series but two out of the four episodes have somewhat proven hard work. I mean, Julian Fellowes is a great writer and there's a good cast here, but on further inspection, you can't help thinking that this would've been more engaging if it had actually been commissioned as a 90 minute one-off instead of a four parter. It certainly would've helped with the pacing and despite some of the talent here, a lot of the dialogue is horribly cliched to the point where it borders on parody. Instead of dreading the ship sinking, you're almost looking forward to it, if only certain characters will meet their demise. Here's hoping the remaining two episodes are better paced.

Upstairs Downstairs: It's times like this where I was glad I caught this show on repeat rather than actually watching it on premiere. The last few episodes injected some life into proceedings with another appearance from Rose, Beryl and Harry's relationship taking off, Hallam and Agnes's marriage falling apart and Persephone's true colours being revealed but by then it was a case of 'too little, too late' for me. Even Alex Kingston as Blanche hasn't really made this series worth watching. If it gets a third run, it's unlikely I'll be watching it.

- Despite his lack of acting profile, Adam Levine has been cast in a role in the second season of American Horror Story.
- A major character will die in the third series of Downton Abbey while another couple will be starting a family as well.
- True Blood's fifth season will premiere on HBO from June 10th at 9pm.
- Supernatural is rumoured to be returning for an eighth season with a new showrunner as Sera Gamble is stepping down.
- The Fades has been axed after one series by BBC3.
- Breaking Bad's final season will be split in two, according to series star Bryan Cranston.
- Both Whoopi Goldberg and Lindsay Lohan will be appearing in upcoming episodes of Glee.


sexta-feira said...

On DH: It's one of my favorite shows. Keep watching and things will get more interesting as we're drawing closer to the end. I wont say anything else so as not to spoil it for you!

On Homeland: I just finished watching season 1, and to tell you the truth I felt that most episodes were lagging at some points (esp Saul scenes). I was a little disappointed because Showtime series are usually absolutely gripping, but this one didn't do it for me. I felt that the 50-minute episodes were too long.On the other hand, when watching Dexter, 50 minutes weren't enough!

Anonymous said...

It's not just a rumor. Jeremy Carver is taking over as Supernatural showrunner.

shawnlunn2002 said...

sexta-feira: I'm liking DH a lot this season but I do know one major plotline that I'm not looking forward to seeing. Homeland is pretty gripping, love Dexter too but S6 wasn't the show at it's best though. Hope S7 is better paced.
noybusiness - I guess that means Supernatural is due an 8th season then.