Monday, April 23, 2012

True Blood - Season 5 Waiting Sucks Part 1

Continuing with the same theme from last year, HBO have been releasing a few interesting previews for the upcoming fifth season of True Blood.

1: Sookie & Alcide

It's a nice little between the two of them in the Stackhouse kitchen when Alcide informs Sookie that Russell Edgington has been dug up from his grave. I had forgotten that Sookie wasn't actually aware of what really happened to the former vampire king so her reaction is fairly interesting here.

2: Terry & Patrick

Terry and Patrick find themselves kidnapped and tied up by an old friend of theirs who's worried about something bad coming. The writers have been promising for a while now that we'd get more on Terry's past, so it's nice they're actually delivering on that promise.

3: Sam & Luna

In this scene, Sam seems to be comforting Luna and then they both hear something. I'm guessing both of them are probably about to suffer some consequences for Marcus's death more than anything else. Not really bothered but it's a decent scene though.

Waiting Sucks 1:
Waiting Sucks 2:
Waiting Sucks 3:

Season 5 of True Blood will air Sundays at 9pm from June 10th on HBO. FXUK plan to air the fifth season in Autumn 2012.

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