Sunday, April 01, 2012

Top 40 TV Characters Part 2

And here is the second part of my Top 40 characters blog. This time, it's a bit of an animated special. Hope you all enjoy. 

31: Death (Adam Carolla) - Family Guy

Yes, the almighty creature known as Death gets to be my favourite character because given how divisive the population of Spooner Street can be, you almost wouldn't blame the guy if he decided to kill every single resident on that street at some point. Plus, the fact that he hasn't killed Peter shows an admirable self-restraint I didn't think was possible.

32: Charles Montgomery Burns (Harry Shearer) - The Simpsons

Excellent himself. Yes this might be a man who will happily trample on anyone who gets in his way and even will consider skinning greyhound puppies for a new coat but Burns cartoony villainy, coupled with the odd doses of humanity do make him a fascinating character to root for, be appalled by and grudgingly admire from time to time. Though how he hasn't noticed Smithers overt fondness for him does beggar belief at times.

33: Klaus Heissler (Dee Bradley Baker) - American Dad

Ah, the fish. One we can often feel a little bad for. If you live with a family like the Smiths and an entitled alien like Roger, then like Klaus, you'd probably have the odd bouts of rage and resentment from time to time. The fish is often the most sympathetic character on that show.

34: Father Jack Hackett (Frank Kelly) - Father Ted

Drink. Feck. Arse. Girls. It's amazing how those four particular words have been associated with this character. An alcoholic, violent, often lecherous priest played to absolute perfection by Frank Kelly. Jack might have been the very character whose bad side you did not want to get on but he certainly made for entertaining viewing, especially that time he punched Bishop Brennon for good measure.

35: Rallo Tubbs (Mike Henry) - The Cleveland Show

This might be the weakest of Seth Macfarlane's creations but as a character goes, Rallo is pretty entertaining and considering that Cleveland has become every bit as a jerk as Peter is in Family Guy, it's kind of nice to have Rallo make an idiot out of Cleveland every now and then. When he isn't commenting on his mother's fondness for drinking.

Okay, this new Blogger format is going to take some getting used to. Happy April everyone.

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