Sunday, April 29, 2012

First Look: Wizards Vs. Aliens

And it's been months since the announcement of the latest television project from Russell T. Davies but now we know more on the slightly renamed, Wizards Vs. Aliens. Casting wise, newcomers Scott Haran and Percelle Ascott will play the roles of Tom Clarke and Benny Sherwood, two friends whose lives are changed when the aliens Nekross (sounds familiar that) decide to invade Earth. It seems Tom comes from a family of wizards and Benny is the supersmart one of the duo.

Premise wise, it seems to be a reasonably straightforward enough story but while there's some support adult cast wise with the likes of Don Gilet and Nina Sosanya as Benny's parents, as well as the likes of Annette Badland, Michael Higgs, Gwendoline Christie and Jefferson Hall, I can't help but thinking there's a lack of female teen characters in the mix, which is odd when you think of how successful Maria and Rani were in The Sarah Jane Adventures.

The 12 part series will feature episodes written by Russell T. Davies, Phil Ford, Gareth Roberts, Clayton Hickman and Joseph Lidster to name but a few as well as directors such as Daniel O'Hara, who has helmed some of the opening installments of the series. What does everyone else think? I'll give it a go but I won't be reviewing it episodically though.

Press Release:

Wizards Vs. Aliens will air on CBBC during the Autumn.

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