Friday, July 27, 2012

Being Human - Series 5 Begins

In the past, I've posted the odd spoiler post for Being Human here and there, but usually nearer to transmission of each series but now, with the fifth series starting up, filming wise, I've decided to post some stuff that has surfaced for the upcoming series.

Damien Molony is back as OCD vampire, Hal Yorke and following the success of the character this year, it will be interesting to see where they go with him in the six episodes for Series 5 as he's still living with both Tom McNair (Michael Socha) and newly made ghost, Alex Mayhew (Kate Bracken) in Honolulu Heights.  That place is staying, though I heard some rumours the cafe might not be. Show creator, Toby Whithouse has written the first episode of the new series as well.

Speaking of Alex - yes she's a regular for the new series but whether or not both her and Hal will become an item is apparently undecided just yet. Personally, I want to see her to start looking for her body as well as seeing her father and brothers as well. Two good and needed story arcs for Alex to be dealt with, I think. As for a Hal/Alex romance - not sure. It could work but maybe a snarky friendship could be better too.

As for Tom, no clue what's in store for him. I was hoping that Allison would return for him but Ellie Kendrick has signed on for the third season of Game Of Thrones, so unless they recast the role, Tom is either going to be single for the next series or get a new girlfriend. Still, I can't wait to see the dynamic with Hal/Tom/Alex properly in Series 5. They're going to be brilliant, aren't they?

Now onto some actual spoilers - Steven Robertson will be a regular in the fifth series as Mr Rook (let the domestic staff be better than Kemp please!) and there are two new characters named Patsy and Sophie, played by Claire Cage and Non Haf. I'm not sure what or who their characters are but I am glad they've managed to retain Robertson for the fifth series. Here's hoping Rook will be an amazing character throughout the next series because he's definitely an intriguing one and I want an effective nemesis that isn't a vampire for once. Plus, there's the whole "He Will Rise" thing from last series - I'm wondering what the hell that means too. Hopefully Series 5 will give us a satisfying answer to that one.

Spoiler Thread: 

Being Human's fifth series will air on BBC3 in 2013. The first four series are available on DVD.

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