Saturday, July 28, 2012

Revenge - Season 2 Big Spoilers

Well, some new ones did get released this week, so I thought I might as well talk about what will be happening in the second season of Revenge ...

- Emily, following the whole Jack/Amanda pregnancy situation will be back to being somewhat closed off or as the producers like to say, 'cauterizing' her feelings.
- The mystery man Ethan (Barry Sloane) is someone Emily knew in her past and like her, he's got some anger issues of his own and because of them losing similar things, both of them came together as well.
- Daniel/Ashley may be enjoying a relationship based on lust but the former will still be pining for Emily as well.
- The first two episodes of the second season have the titles of Bound and Resurrection.

- Nolan will be getting a love interest this season but it's a female one. Well, the show did say he was bisexual after all.
- However Nolan and Emily will very much be together as a team and we'll be learning more of his background and company, Nolcorp.
- Jack will have some scenes with Emily but while he'll be still with Amanda, he might be turning a blind eye to some of the more obvious things around him.
- There are rumours that while things may be still Hamptons based, some of the action in the second year could take place in New York as well.

- Jennifer Jason Leigh we know has been cast as Kara Wilkins and apparently her relationship with Emily isn't going to be an easy one as the latter learns more about what's been happening over the years.
- The actress was actually a fan of the show and her representation contacted the producers for the role. Turns out Mike Kelley is a fan of the actress too.
- It seems that the producers are looking for a good looking doctor in his 30s for an episode as well.
- Ashley will also be getting a protege of her own named Eve, whose interests go beyond organising parties at the Hamptons while Declan will be getting a preppy friend as well.

Season 2 Spoilers:

Revenge's second season will air on ABC, Sundays at 9pm from September 30th.

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