Thursday, July 05, 2012

Frozen Yoghurt

It's been a while but here's a jumble of some of the shows I've been watching recently.

2 Broke Girls: It's still a guilty pleasure/dumb fun but this series does provide the laughs and whether it's Caroline having the joy of Christmas sucked out of her or Max actually realising that she likes Chestnut more than she lets on. I still wish some of the male characters were better developed though. Max and Caroline's co-workers are little more than caricatures still (though I like Earl a lot) and Johnny's function is little more than a love interest for Max. Still, it's a diverting 30 minutes.

Bedlam: We're at the point where next week is the final episode of Series 2 and it's overall been an improvement. The dynamics between Max and Ellie have been fun, the Eve mystery has been interesting, both Kiera and Dan have become less annoying and even Warren has greatly improved as a character. Thankfully, also the ghost of the week storylines have shown a bit of variety as well too, so all in all, this has been an improvement for a pretty uninspiring show when it began.

Don't Trust The Bitch In Apartment 23: Another guilty pleasure series for me but yeah, the last few episodes have been a laugh riot. It's still formulaic in the sense that Chloe will do something selfish, June will scowl about it but will see something in her roommate's selfishness that benefits her while James will say something cheesy and Robin will blather on about her obsession with Chloe. Still, I've enjoyed the episodes that have seen June loosen up a little and hopefully tonight's finale will be a good ending for a ridiculously short first season of the show.

Hit & Miss: This show really has lived up to it's title, hasn't it? It's had some excellent moments and less excellent ones too and having Mia's family fall apart all around her (as well as her relationship with Ben) has made the show a bit more enjoyable than usual. I'm still not loving the whole idea of Riley being pregnant but the death of John was pretty damned welcomed and that cliffhanging moment between Ryan, Eddie and Mia really does make me hope that the show is picked up for a second run now.

Veep: I have to admit that despite being a fan of The Thick Of It, watching this show wasn't especially high on my list of things to do but seeing as both shows share the same creator, I thought I'd give it a whirl. It's not bad - Elaine from Seinfield makes a decent, buffoonish vice president in Selina Meyer and I have a certain degree of sympathy for her aides, in particularly Amy (looks like Vada aged really well) but if you've seen the antics of Malcolm Tucker, this this is going to be feel rather light weight by comparison. I might give it a few more episodes though.

- Sky1 have scooped the rights to Arrow while SkyLiving will air Elementary from the Autumn.
- True Blood has been renewed officially for a sixth season with Mark Hudis as the new showrunner for the show.
- John Bradley will feature in the fifth series of Merlin, playing a character called Tyr Seward. The show is due to return to BBC1 from late September.
- Benedict Cumberbatch will provide a voiceover for an upcoming episode of The Simpsons.
- Denis Leary has confirmed that casting has commenced for his version of the axed Channel 4 show, Sirens.
- Tara Fitzgerald has been cast in an unknown role for the third season of Games Of Thrones, which is scheduled to start filming this month.
- Trevor Donovan is returning for two episodes of the fifth season of 90210 for the CW.
- Yvonne Strahovski has talked about her character, Hannah McKay in Dexter being a woman haunted by her past.
- Laura Fraser has been cast in a role for the fifth and final season of Breaking Bad, which premieres in the States next Sunday.
- Both Dallas and Falling Skies have been picked up for further seasons by TNT.


sexta-feira said...

About Apt. 23, I hadn't realized that was the whole first season, I thought we would get some more episodes in the summer. Is it going to be continued next year?

shawnlunn2002 said...

As far as I know, it's been renewed for a second season.