Saturday, July 07, 2012

Merlin - Series 5 First Look

And here are some bits for the upcoming fifth series of BBC series, Merlin ...

First promotional picture of the upcoming series and it seems that Merlin (Colin Morgan) has yet to get a proper costume change as such. Of course, one can hope in this series that Arthur (Bradley James) at least finds out that his best friend actually is magical. Things to expect include some magic wolves and the Great Sea of Meredor, the Knights to have a bigger role than last series and fewer guest stars.

Morgana (Katie McGrath) when she isn't getting a new costume will not be the only thorn in Arthur's side this series. Nope, Mordred is back and this time he's played by Alexander Vhalos and while he will be the main threat for the season, he will also become a member of the Knights table as well. You can also expect a plot with both our good and bad dragons as well at some point in the new series as well as Merlin having to make some difficult decisions within the show as well. It seems that this upcoming series is going to be somewhat darker.

Other spoilers that have emerged this series include Gwen taking to the role of Queen reasonably well but not being perfect, the returns of both Mithian (Janet Montgomery) and Annis (Lindsay Duncan) as well as guest stars such as Liam Cunningham in the opening two parter as well as John Bradley, playing a character named Tyr Seward, James Fox (uncle of Emilia), James Robinson and Alfie Stewart to name a few.

Meanwhile Merlin will also be featuring at this year's Comic-Con and here are the details for the panel in question ...

Sunday, July 15th - 10:30-11:30: Global Sensation Merlin Celebrates Season 5 International hit series Merlin returns to Comic-Con to celebrate its upcoming fifth season premiere with a presentation of advance footage, a peek behind-the-scenes, and access to its stars and creators. Leading the panel are Colin Morgan, the magical title character of Merlin, and Katie McGrath, the wickedly beautiful sorceress Morgana. The pair will be joined by co-creators and executive producers Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy, as well as some fan favorite, gotta-be-there-to-see guests. Popular hostess and "writer of all things geek" Jenna Busch moderates the festivities, which will include an eye-opening offering of Merlin's expansive new entertainment scope, some unique prizes, and a few special-for-Comic-Con surprises from the series that airs in more than 180 countries. Room 6BCF

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Series 5 Rumours/Spoilers:

Merlin's fifth series is due to air on BBC1 from September 29th. 

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