Thursday, July 19, 2012

Walking And Talking - Series 1 Review

When it comes to a lot of the Sky channel related home produced comedies most of them have been a damn squib for my tastes (e.g. This Is Jinsy feeling like a poor man's League Of Gentlemen and Parents being a cheap and tacky version of Modern Family) but with this show, they've gotten a gem.

Walking And Talking, written by (and based on the life of) actress Kathy Burke managed to be an enjoyable four episode romp with Ami Metcalfe (Upstairs Downstairs) taking on the role as the younger version of the actress and Aimee Ffion-Edwards (Skins) playing her best mate, Mary as both girls spent the series literally doing what the series suggested: walking and talking.

Throughout the four episodes, we've gone through a myriad of discussions with the girls - from Mary's bigoted boyfriend, Larry to Kath's determination to get into drama school, her acceptances of gay people, her alcoholic father as well her attempts to try and see Quadrophenia when it comes out while coming across a variety of characters such as an alcoholic Scotsman, an ice cream man named Icarus that Mary takes a dislike towards and even Burke herself crops in the series as a mean-spirited sister named Angry Nun, who takes more than great pleasure in hardening her perky counterpart, Pretty Nun (Sean Gallagher) and managed to succeed pretty damn well in the process.

This might have originated from a Little Crackers edition that Burke did for Sky1 a few years ago but SkyAtlantic really cottoned to a wonderful series that managed to be funny at every turn with some great dialogue, wonderful performances from both Metcalfe and Ffion-Edwards as well as a nice sense of nostalgia with the 1970s background. Basically, SkyAtlantic and Kathy Burke, can we have seconds please?

Walking And Talking has finished airing on SkyAtlantic and should be available on DVD soon.


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