Monday, July 16, 2012

My Review of True Blood's 5x06: "Hopeless"

Written by Alan Ball
Directed by Daniel Attias

Russell (to Sookie): “You’re just what the doctor ordered, my tree fairy vixen.”

And Russell was exactly what the plotline concerning the Authority also ordered as well. I knew the second Russell re-emerged that things were going to go down south pretty fast and this episode sure as hell didn’t disappoint in that regard.

Okay, so his attempt to feed on Sookie once again wasn’t pretty successful but he did manage to survive being executed by Roman by actually executing Roman in the last scene of this episode and given that he was wearing an iStakes at the time, that’s pretty great going to be honest.

I wish Roman’s death made an impact on me but I’ve got to confess that I’m actually glad to see the back of him now. To be honest, the show had a wonderful actor in their employ with Christopher Meloni and they wasted him by having Roman do nothing for the last five episodes but give speech after speech about mainstreaming, Sanguinistas and the like that it was hard to care about him as a character.

From the look on Salome’s face though, I’m not that sure she was all that broken up about Roman actually dying. If anything, it seemed like she was in on the whole thing and while the episode didn’t confirm it, I still think that it was her who dug up Russell and has been working with him this entire time.

Russell as a vampire, regardless of his disdain for the Authority’s ways or not reminded me just how charismatic and bat shit insane he can be. If Roman had been anything like this, he might have made more of an impact but given drunk on some 18th century blood from an Austrian haemophiliac failed to inject him with enough of a personality in the end.

Now that Russell has seemingly resumed power, I’m guessing that things aren’t going to be a walk in the park for Bill and Eric. Russell did seem pretty determined to get his own back on the two of them and any hopes of them actually getting released from the Authority probably died with Roman.

As for Nora – can someone please spring her from that dungeon she’s in and fast? Like Roman, there are only so many scenes where I can watch her praying to Lilith and I’m thinking this show has started to exhaust them though the last prayer scene in this one did remind me of when Marnie and Antonia formed a union. I’m wondering if Nora has done the same with Lilith or simply think she has done. Answers on a postcard please!

Meanwhile in better female vampire related storylines, the scrap between Jessica and Tara managed to get broken up by Pam before either of them could totally trash Fangtasia but the more interesting elements had more to do with the girls’ seperate scenes with Pam and Hoyt that their new friendship coming to a swift end.

Pam and affection really don’t go hand in hand and her inability to compliment Tara without throwing in an insult was both amusing and disturbing in equal measure. Disturbing because it would indicate that perhaps there will be an element of toxicity with Tara being a vampire as well under Pam’s guidance. As for Jessica, I liked that she made it clear to Hoyt that things were completely over between them. Hoyt really needed to hear that and if he survives being taken by those Obama masked whackos, perhaps he’ll sort himself out.

Keeping with the masked whackos, both Sam and Luna managed to survive this episode and it was up to Sam and Andy to do some investigating as well. I liked that we got to see Sam save Andy from being nearly killed by Junior but I’m not entirely sure if Luna can afford to trust Martha with Emma in the long run though.

Last but not least in the bigger plots – vampires killed the Stackhouse folks. It’s what both Claude and Hadley managed to reluctantly convey with Sookie and Jason in that fairy nightclub and it seemed like an arc that will get further explored. I have to admit that already I prefer this version of Claude than his book counterpart.

Also in “Hopeless”

Comic-Con released a trailer for the second half of Season 5 on Saturday and it looks like things are going to get crazier for our main characters.

Jessica: “I guess the whole friendship thing is on hold.”
Tara: “What do you expect when you come into my house and fuck with me?”

Lafayette and Ruby Jean had an interesting scene in this episode in relation to Jesus while Sookie, Arlene and Holly lamented about men being trouble.

Eric (re Sookie): “But you’ll keep your hands off her, romantically speaking. She kind of disgusts you.”
Alcide: “Okay.”

That was a low blow from Eric but it seemed that Sookie snapped Alcide out of it. Alcide also challenged JD for pack master with Rikki backing his corner. We also saw four of Claude’s other sisters in this one as well – Claudette, Claudwina, Claudellen and Claudia.

Eric: “Enough with this religious bullshit already. Lilith can fucking blow me and why are you so suddenly into it?”
Bill: “I’m just covering my ass.”

Ruby Jean (to Lafayette): “Jesus loves you, even if you are an abomination.”

Terry and Arlene sort of broke up in this episode. I don’t mind them as a couple but this fire demon plot is still lagging behind every other storyline at the moment to be honest.

Bill: “It was our duty.”
Eric: “Boy scout.”
Bill: “Delinquent.”

Claude: “Claudine was my sister.”
Sookie: “No way. That guy was meth teeth and bad ears.”

Standout music: Percy Mayfield’s “Hopeless”.

Russell (to Roman): “I want to gorge on human blood, not because some fucking bible tells me to but because I like it. It’s fun, it makes my dick hard.”

Chronology: From where “Let’s Boot And Rally” left off.

Overall, “Hopeless” definitely propelled things in the right direction. The Authority plot certainly stepped up a gear and it really does seem like a war between humans and the supernatural is about to explode over the next few weeks as well.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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