Friday, July 06, 2012

Doctor Who - Series 7 More Filming Pictures

And here are a couple of more filming pictures from the latest episode of Doctor Who, courtesy of GallifreyBase, Twitter and Flickr.

It seems that the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) and Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman) are investigating the shady goings on of Mrs Gillyflower's (Diana Rigg) at the behest of Edmund (Brendan Patricks) and yes, Clara's life is in jeopardy in this one. There's a video where Jenny mentions Clara by name, so it really is confirmed now.

It was confirmed a few days ago but now we've seen some filming pictures of Neve McIntosh as Madame Vastra on set and in one of them, Vastra is wearing a black veil as well. It seems that Jenny (Catrin Stewart) has been recruited as a Pilgrim for Mrs Gillyflower (or is she undercover?) and Vastra is also there to aid the Doctor and Clara.

Another returnee to this episode is Dan Starkey, supposedly reprising the role as Strax from A Good Man Goes To War. It has been mentioned that The Crimson Horror is taking place in 1890, Sweetville, Yorkshire, so maybe it's before Strax's time on Demon's Run.

There's some interesting posters here about a pantomime which may or may not hold a key part to the episode as well. There's also some dialogue from Clara where she tells the Doctor that he's making a habit of it and Rachael Stirling's character donning some burnt eye makeup as well.

An image of Brendan Patrick's other character, Jeremiah looking for Madame Vastra. So, are both Edmund and Jeremiah good guys, one of them a baddie or what? I am intrigued by these two characters, then again as a twin myself, I would be.

Mark Gatiss and executive producer Caroline Skinner on set during one of the days where it lashed from the heavens. That's commitment for you.

Filming Pictures/Tweets:!/ryanfarrr

Doctor Who returns to BBC1 in August.

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