Saturday, July 21, 2012

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And here's a blog on the last couple of shows I've been watching recently ...

2 Broke Girls: Okay, the last few episodes haven't been as funny as the rest of the series so far but there have been some interesting moments. For instance, any where Han is challenged generated a chuckle from me and seeing Caroline develop an obsession with coupons (and the way she kept pronouncing it) was definitely the type of thing that US sitcoms do in their sleep. And we need to see more of Chestnut and less of Max offering tampons to customers (though Han clearly set that one up).

Bedlam: Good finale but sort of a predictable one too. I kind of saw that Max's dad would have a bigger role in things, that Ellie and Eve would be connected with each other and that Ellie would also be Jed's sister after all as well as that outcome for Warren too. That being said though, this has been a largely satisfying second run and hopefully we will get a third batch of episodes next year. The cliff-hanger definitely suggested that Ellie's story is far from done anyways.

Don't Trust The Bitch In Apartment 23: Another solid finale but seven episodes for a US sitcom is too short a run and perhaps we should've gotten a few more episodes to develop the growing friendship with Chloe and June though. Still, I liked the whole comic book subplot and that slight indication that underneath her penchant for chaos, Chloe had some insecurities as well. Here's hoping the second season will produce more fun times for the flatmates and the crazy gang.

Grimm: I've been watching this show off and on over the last few months and while there were times when it felt a little too tame for it's own good, there have also been moments where it's become interesting as well. Monroe is still the best character the show has to offer but Nick has become slightly less bland than when he started out and his attempts of trying to be honest with Juliette about things going bump in the night was oddly amusing. However, the reveal of that mystery woman being Nick's mother only felt obvious in retrospect but it did manage to set up an interesting development for Season 2, so good work there.

Sinbad: Two episodes in and you know what - I really, really like this show. Okay, so like both Robin Hood and Merlin before it, Sinbad has a tendency of sounding rather modern (and even looking it with the costumes) but already, I like Elliot Knight in the lead role, find the crew members and the villainous characters like Akbari, Taryn and Razia intriguing and given that the ratings have been good for it so far, I hope that means a second series will be imminent too. The only complaint I do have is that the CGI can be dodgy in places but I'm sure that's something the show will overcome as it progresses. Definitely one to watch.

White Collar: I don't watch the show religiously but I've seen enough from previous years and let's face it, Matt Bomer isn't exactly hard on the eye either, is he? No, in all fairness the guy's a great actor and as Neal Caffrey, he's managed to come up with a charismatic and sympathetic conman who has been easy to root for. The first two episodes of the show's fourth season did see Neal attempting to escape from the FBI before being recaptured but his scenes with Mozzie and Peter more than made up for it. However, I'm not so keen on Mehki Pfifer's agent character just yet, though he's not as annoying as Rex was in the first half of Torchwood: Miracle Day, but only by a tiny margin. Good start to the season too and nice to see that this show maintains it's ability to be interesting without taking itself too seriously.

- Jennifer Jason Leigh has been cast as Emily's mother, Kara Wilkins in the second season of Revenge. Barry Sloane will also play a character named Ethan, connected to Emily's past.
- Clea DuVall has joined the second season of American Horror Story, though the nature of her role hasn't been revealed yet.
- Adam Lambert will feature in an upcoming episode of Pretty Little Liars.
- John Noble has revealed that Fringe's final season will feature a war with the Observers.
- Aaron Sorkin is replacing the writing staff for the second season of The Newsroom. I have to confess, I wasn't that keen on it when I watched it.
- Grace Phipps has joined the cast of The Vampire Diaries for it's upcoming fourth season, playing a character with connections to Elena and Jeremy.
- Once Upon A Time's second season will introduce Aladdin, Jafar, Ariel, Peter Pan and Captain Hook with Sarah Bolger playing Sleeping Beauty in the upcoming season as well.
- Santiago Carbrera has joined the cast of Dexter, playing a crime writer named Ethan Price who arrives in Miami to investigate for a book about true crimes.

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