Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Revenge - Season 2 Spoilers

With the show's first season finally air on both Irish and UK television, courtesy of RTE2 and E4, some spoilers have began to emerge for the upcoming second season of Revenge.

- First thing is first - Amanda will be around for seven of the first fourteen episodes and while there are hints that the baby she's carrying may not be Jack's, she's definitely going to be a thorn in Emily's side for the time being.
- Speaking of children, we will be meeting Conrad's kids from his first marriage and his ex-wife during the second season.
- In the least shocking news going, it seems that Victoria has survived the plane crash after all, though how we do not yet know.

- The show's second season will be airing on Sundays at 9pm from now, being paired with the second season of Once Upon A Time and the debut season of 666 Park Avenue.
- We will be meeting Emily's mother in the second season, though casting has yet to be confirmed. We will also be meeting Victoria's mother as well this season.
- Nolan is rumoured to be getting a love interest and a sexy new man who moves to the Hamptons will be a love interest for Emily.
- Conrad's son from his first marriage is going to make Daniel's life rather complicated when he arrives on the show.

- Emily's search for her mother will be the driving force for her during the second season and it seems that Kara is as psychologically damaged as her daughter. Expect people from Amanda and Nolan's past to appear as well this season.
- The Graysons dealings are behind Kara's disappearance but that's hardly shocking, is it?
- There is also a flashforward to a wedding this season as well. Daniel and Ashley perhaps? Or Jack and Amanda?

Revenge's second season will air on ABC, Sundays at 9pm from September 30th.

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