Saturday, August 03, 2013

American Horror Story: Coven - What You Need To Know

It might be two months away but at the Television Critics Association's summer press tour we got to find out some fascinating facts about American Horror Story: Coven from the cast and crew.

- First of all the titles for the first three episodes are Bitchcraft, Boy Parts and Replacements, The.
- The characters on the show will either be witches or historical characters. Which means the show will be flitting between eras throughout it's thirteen episodes.
- Jessica Lange is playing a witch named Fiona with Sarah Paulson playing her daughter, Cordelia.
- Kathy Bates will play historical personage Madame LaLurie, a Louisiana born socialite and serial killer who keeps slaves bound in her basement. She's one of two real persons being portrayed on the show this season.
- Angela Bassett is also playing a real person - Marie Laveau, a voodoo expert who along with her daughter had a multiracial following.

- Like Taissa Farmiga, Denis O'Hare and Alexandra Breckenridge will also be returning for American Horror Story: Coven, though the nature of their roles haven't been disclosed just yet.
- Emma Roberts is seemingly playing a character named Madison while Frances Conroy's character is called Ruth. If that's true, it's a nice nod to Six Feet Under, isn't it?
- This season will tackle oppression of all minorities as well as race and family issues, especially mother/daughter ones according to producer, Tim Minear. Apparently Cordelia will be in line with a certain Shakespearean character as well.
- Expect to see witches fleeing to the South and that there are two kinds of witches in this show. Minear also promised that this season will be more fun too.
- Most of the action will be set in New Orleans as well this season.

So, that's pretty tantalising, isn't it? I cannot wait to see this season and thankfully there's only two months before it airs and it definitely sounds like it's going to be the most female centred on television for the winter months again.

Season 3 Spoilers:

American Horror Story: Coven will air Wednesdays at 10pm on FX from October 9th. FOX will air shortly afterwards for UK viewers.

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