Saturday, August 03, 2013

Sherlock - Series 3 First Trailer & New Villain Cast

It might be a while before we see the third series of Sherlock but the BBC are finally getting in the mood to promote it. Following the repeat airing of the second series finale, The Reichenbach Fall, a trailer for the upcoming third series was aired ...

The 26 second trailer saw the likes of Molly, Mrs Hudson, Mycroft and Lestrade all getting prepared to be taken by surprise from a returning Sherlock, only for it to end with the not so dead detective meeting Watson (sporting a naff looking moustache) in a restaurant. It's a nicely brief trailer but a good reminder that the show does in fact continue. No airdate was confirmed in the trailer but I think it's a safe bet we'll see the third series in 2013 though.

Meanwhile Lars Mikkelsen has been confirmed for the finale as Charles Augustus Magnussen. The actor known for his roles on The Killing and Borgen will be playing the character based on the story The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton and if the picture is anything to go by, he might be an even bigger threat to Sherlock and Watson than Moriarty was in the first two series.

Series 3 Trailer:

Series 3 of Sherlock will air on BBC1 in late 2013.

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