Sunday, August 04, 2013

Peter Capaldi Is The Twelfth Doctor

It's official folks. Following BBC1's Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor, hosted by Zoe Ball and featuring various cast and crew members and celeb guests, the 12th Doctor has officially been declared as Peter Capaldi and despite the fact I didn't think it would be him, I am delighted to be wrong on this occassion.

Peter is no stranger to the Doctor Who universe. He guest starred in the 10th Doctor story, The Fires Of Pompeii during the series fourth series and also had a regular role on Torchwood: Children Of Earth in 2009. In 2014 however, he will be playing the 12th Doctor for the show's eighth series along with Jenna-Louise Coleman who will be reprising her role as Clara Oswald. While we might have a while to wait to see Peter in action, he will appear briefly during the show's upcoming Christmas special as well.

So, who else is delighted with this stellar casting?

Press Release:

And for those of you whinging because Twelve a white male, older or not female - get a fucking grip. The show isn't being racist or sexist and if you think it is with Peter's casting, then you're an idiot.

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