Tuesday, August 06, 2013

My Review of True Blood's 6x08: "Dead Meat"

Written by Robin Veith
Directed by Michael Lehmann

Sookie (re Warlow): “Fucking destiny! Why couldn’t he just ask me out to the movies next week? Why are men just incapable of wanting to date me?”

I like to think I’m one of Sookie’s biggest defenders and even I found that attitude a bit too narcissistic for the character. Granted she did have a fair point about Warlow and his obsession with making her into his fairy-vampire bride but it wasn’t Sookie at her best here though.

What was especially weird was seeing Sookie coming onto Sam as well. I know the books have gone there with the characters but the series never should and I like the fact that Sam shut down Sookie’s attempts of being normal but that was also largely down to Nicole and a whole other plotline I’m not particularly in favour of at the moment too.

However back to Sookie for a moment – I like that she considered becoming Warlow’s bride in order to save her vampire friends but I am also hoping that she finds a way of getting out of that agreement before he gets her to act on it. I also liked her scenes with Bill in this episode. These two really never ever getting back together as a certain someone would put it.

Bill went from being reasonable with Sookie to being a dick and she went from telling him to get lost to actually agreeing to Warlow being used to save Jessica and company from getting toasted in vampire camp. Of course, Eric had to go and spoil one of Bill’s better plans by drinking on both Adelyn and Warlow in this episode.

Adelyn managed to survive her encounter with Eric and while Warlow did look pretty out of it, I think it’s safe to assume that he’s alive, tight? Of course he is – after all, we have to have a Bill/Eric/Warlow faceoff at some point in the last two episodes, don’t we? One that will inevitably end up going badly for Warlow out of the three of them.

This was an interesting episode though for Eric. His grief towards Nora really did see him go to town on Bill’s delusions of being a God and something tells me that when he returns to vampire camp, Sarah Newlin and her lackeys are seriously going to wish they were never born by the time he’s through with them. I actually can’t wait to see the bloodbath now.

Speaking of Sarah – her craziness is getting more delightfully camp to watch. Torturing Steve with a hamster wheel for information was one thing but her murder of Mrs Suzuki was another. I know I probably shouldn’t laugh but that fight scene was too hilarious not to laugh at it. I wish I was bothered by Suzuki’s death but she wasn’t much of a character to get worked up over, so she won’t be missed I’m afraid. However, I can’t honestly see Sarah making it out of the season alive.

As for the rest of the vampire camp stuff, isn’t the whole dynamic with Violet and Jason just a gender reversal of Tara and Franklin from the third season? Granted Violet seems to be able to seperate eating from shagging but her possessiveness over Jason has already caused a worrying streak and if it hadn’t been for Tara spilling about the spiked Tru Blood, Jason would still be under Violet’s mercy at this point.

Last but not least – the unlucky seven vampire stuck in the room waiting to be fried are Jessica, Tara, Pam, Willa, Violet, Steve and James. Surely one of these characters has to die, right? I can’t see all of them making out of the building alive and given the amount of deaths we’ve had this season, it’ll probably add another sting as well, especially if it’s Tara, Pam or Jessica.

Also in “Dead Meat”

Finally someone bothered to ask about Niall – Sookie when she was leaving Jason a voicemail. Are we going to see him again?

Eric: “You’re no fucking God.”
Bill: “I never said I was.

Alcide did the right thing taking on Rikki, leaving the pack and saving Nicole and Mary. Sadly though, Rikki survived the episode.

Violet: “If I say that you are mine, then you are mine.”
Jason: “Even if we get out of here?”

Jessica (re sex with Finn): “How was it?”
Pam: “Oozy but productive.”

Much as I like Nicole as a character (well, starting to like her), do we really need a pregnancy plot with her and Sam this soon? They’ve only know each for about three or four days. I did like Sam and Alcide making amends though.

Steve: “I’m running as fast as I can.”
Sarah: “It is scientifically impossible for you to be this fucking slow.”

Sookie: “Did I catch you at a bad time?”
Sam: “Kinda yeah.”

Terry left Arlene $2 million. I have to say that I agree with Holly about her taking the money, even though it might make it look like she killed Terry herself.

Sookie: “Death isn’t the end anymore, I know that now. Death is just a fucking pit stop on that keeps on going with no end in sight.”

Standout music: Sean Lennon’s “Dead Meat” at the end of the episode.

Suzuki: “You’re fucking crazy.”
Sarah: “I’m getting there.”

Jessica (to Steve): “We’re all gonna meet the sun in here.”

Chronology: From where “In The Evening” left off.

Good episode. “Dead Meat” was fairly crazy in parts with a pretty decent cliffhanger at the end but it has dawned on me that despite starting off with promise, Warlow hasn’t lived up to being the menace that he should be. Thank goodness that Sarah on the other hand has really stepped up to the plate in that regard.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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