Friday, August 02, 2013

Doctor Who - Top 50 Companions: Part 6

I know I was meant to do this one last week but I realised that I wanted to extend this list a little longer - at least until the end of this month. However without further ado, here's the sixth part of my Top 50 Doctor Who Companions list.

21: K9 (John Leeson)

Who doesn't love dogs, eh? especially when they're robot ones who have since had versions that have been owned by Sarah Jane, Leela and Romana at different points as well? And two spin-offs too (and a recurring role in the other). K9 is definitely one of the more lovable robotic pets we've had on television over the last few decades and I personally hope at some point he gets to meet the Twelfth Doctor too.

22: Harry Sullivan (Ian Marter)

Another companion whom we could've gotten a bit longer with in my opinion. Harry may be have been a little pompous and even called an imbecile by the Fourth Doctor but his teaming with that particular incarnation and the legend that is Sarah Jane Smith remains one of my favourites of the series though.

23: Steven Taylor (Peter Purves)

Easily one of the best First Doctor companions we've had on the show. The second strapping male companion to travel with the Doctor and Steven was certainly able to challenge the Doctor as much as Ian could at times too. Definitely one of the best blokes we've had in the TARDIS. And he worked well with Vicki, Katarina, Sara and Dodo too.

24: Sergeant John Benton (John Levene)

The great thing about UNIT is the amount of brilliant characters we got from them. I've already mentioned both Liz Shaw and Mike Yates in previous countdowns and getting that little bit higher is of course the laddish and rather lovely, Benton himself. Whether he's unfazed about the TARDIS or running naked after an encounter with the Master (not that kind of one, folks), it's always great to have this sergeant around.

25: Tegan Jovanka (Janet Fielding)

Recently this woman came number one in another companions poll list but here, she's at least in my Top 30. I do like Tegan a lot. Arguably the most successful of all of the Fifth Doctor companions but that was mainly down to the fact that the writers actually bothered to give Tegan some decent scope and character development, even if her eventual exit could've been better written though. She might have been a right 'mouth on legs' at times but she was definitely what the Fifth Doctor needed in a companion and friend though.

Meanwhile the wait for the 12th Doctor is thankfully going to be shorter. Hosted by Zoe Ball, BBC1 will be unveiling the actor playing the new Doctor in a half hour programme called Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor. The show, filmed in front of a live audience will feature interviews with Matt Smith, Steven Moffat as well as past companions and Doctor and famous fans before the new guy is unveiled. Will it be Ben Daniels? Peter Capaldi? Daniel Rigby? At least we'll know in two days time.

Press Release:

Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor will air Sunday at 7pm on BBC1. Part 7 of this poll will up next week.

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