Monday, August 19, 2013

My Review of True Blood's 6x10: "Radioactive"

Written by Kate Barnow
Directed by Scott Winant

Sookie: “Monster. What the fuck are you smiling at? Your intended just called you a monster.”
Warlow: “Good news. Night has fallen.”

Even better news for those who didn’t like Warlow – he didn’t survive this episode. Well, him not surviving was obvious but at least he finally showed his true colours before being tag team killed by both Jason and Niall (who finally appeared for a few seconds this week) and it was a rather quick death.

For a vampire-fairy hybrid Warlow managed to be even easier to kill than Russell was last season with Eric. However staking Warlow after he tried to use brute force in order to keep Sookie as his vampire bride did make sure that at least the Bilith and vampires walking in the sunlight plot was swiftly dealt with as well.

I said in my previous review that “Life Matters” felt more like a season finale and watching this episode, I stand by that opinion. This episode did what usual finales of the show have done – the first half tied up loose ends while the second half set up a whole load of plots waiting to be explored next season with a six month fast forward.

Sam as the new Mayor of Bon Temps and Bill the book author banding together to get humans and vampires to have consensual feeding/protection relationship against the Hep V infected vampires could go either way to be honest. Most people at the church seemed pissed off with the idea and Lettie Mae suddenly wanting Tara to feed off her seemed a little suspicious as well.

Of course the cliff hanger with a horde of infected vampires coming towards Bellefleur’s Bar & Grill (yes, Arlene bought Merlotte’s and changed the name) was a nice image even if it came in the middle of Bill sticking his oar into Sookie and Alcide’s relationship by trying to offer her some protection.

I can’t say I exactly blame Alcide for being pissed or Sookie for turning down Bill’s offer either on the matter. Bill might his old self again but him and Sookie really should not renew their relationship. Both of them keeping a respective distance from each other is probably the wisest thing they can do for each other. Also I actually like that Sookie and Alcide have ended up together, even if certain segments of fandom are less enamoured with this pairing.

The biggest about this episode however seemed to be whether or not Eric truly fried. We saw him starkers roasting when the fairy blood wore off but I just can’t see the writers killing Eric off in such an anticlimactic way. Besides, the episode did make a big deal about Pam wanting to go find Eric, so unless HBO confirm that Alexander Skarsgard has actually left the show, I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of a certain Viking vampire just yet.

As for Jessica, this was an interesting episode for her too. She got herself a lovely vampire boyfriend with James (who can actually sing quite well), told Bill to save Sookie and more to the point, she made genuine steps to atone for her actions with Andy by offering him her protection without wanting feeding in return. Andy has every right not to forgive Jessica but the fact that he didn’t kill her when she was reaching out to him was good. I got the impression though that was more for Adylin than Jessica.

Also in “Radioactive”

Violet is still around and she’s a sexually teasing relationship with Jason for the last 178 days. I did like that she helped with rescuing Sookie though. I didn’t however like the jealous strike she showed with Jessica though during the volleyball game.

Sookie: “Alcide, I’m a survivor too.”

I bet there were a lot of fans who were pausing their screens when Eric appeared in this episode. Famous Males Forums already has the pictures too.

Pam: “Sookie, I am actually happy to see you.”
Tara: “Back off bitch.”

Sookie: “Honestly, I’m asking if you’ll date me.”
Warlow: “Date you? As in drive in movies and bowling?”

The maypole ritual was a bit on the cheesy side and Warlow did seem to enjoy tying Sookie up a little too much here.

Pam: “Take care of Willa.”
Tara: “You guys are the worst fucking makers ever.”

Warlow: “Don’t you get it? No more Bilith. No more access.”

Was it me or did Lettie Mae seem to assume that Tara and Willa were actually involved with each other? Lafayette and Nicole also had no lines in this episode and Bill’s book was called And God Bled.

Lawrence: “So why the book at all?”
Bill: “To establish trust. To end all the secrets.”

Violet (to Jason): “I told you I wasn’t going to make it easy.”

Standout music: Imagine Dragon’s “Radioactive”, which is one of my favourite songs at the moment.

Sookie (to Bill): “That’s the thing though. Even at your best, I could never really trust you.”

Chronology: Six month jump, which means we missed Christmas in Bon Temps and are back into the summer.

“Radioactive” might not be as great as previous finales but I seriously thought it was actually a decent way of ending the season. It tied up the right loose ends, gave a few interesting cliff hangers and some great set ups for next season. Sorry, Eric obsessives but I am not done with this show.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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