Monday, August 12, 2013

My Review of True Blood's 6x09: "Life Matters"

Written by Brian Buckner
Directed by Romeo Tirone

Terry (to Andy, re catfish): “Every life matters, throw it back.”

For the last few episodes the fallout of Terry’s death hasn’t been as impacting as I wanted it to be but here was not only the episode that finally had his funeral but the one that made me realise I will actually miss him as a character. The fact that it also made me want to cry as well also helped matters too.

The flashbacks delving into Terry’s past with Sookie, Sam, Arlene, Lafayette and Andy were all nicely done as they managed to intercut well with the funeral scenes itself but the three that stood out for were the following ...

Lafayette. If ever there was an award for most stylish outfit at a funeral, then La La certainly would deserve but the flashback where he was teaching Terry how to make fries in Merlottes was just lovely. I liked the bit about Lafayette being able to see into the troubled veteran’s soul as well, which I guess should’ve been a hint back then for Lafayette about his medium abilities.

Then there was Sookie’s flashback scene as well. I loved that at the funeral she outed herself as a telepath and proceeded to tell Arlene that Terry had fallen in love with her from their first meeting. It was a beautifully written scene and had some of the best acting we’ve seen on the show this season.

As for Arlene’s scene – the plot at the hospital with her breastfeeding Mikey made enough sense and it was good way of showing viewers how intuitive and kind hearted Terry was as a person and seeing Arlene going from dreading the actual funeral itself to making some kind of peace with it felt very believable as well to be honest.

The scenes with Sam and Andy – mainly centring on getting Terry back into the real world, some beer and fishing weren’t as strong but they certainly had their moments. I think the obvious moment was Terry’s reaction to catching a catfish and telling Andy that all life matters. It’s not a particularly subtle piece of writing but it was certainly a nice moment and one of my favourites from this episode as a whole.

The interesting thing about this episode was the stark reminder that in spite of the huge body count on this show, it’s only the second time we’ve seen the community of Bon Temps actually grieve a death. Terry’s funeral was every bit as poignant and strained as Adele’s was back in the first season and this episode has now become one of my favourites as well.

Getting away from the funeral bits, it kind of does seem for now that the vampire camp stuff has been dealt with. Eric released the vampires who slaughtered everyone in sight (except Sarah of course), whilst killing Steve and Bill gave them all his blood so they could walk in the daylight while all the contaminated Tru Blood seems to be destroyed as well.

In some ways this episode felt more like a finale than a penultimate episode. Unless Warlow finally does something completely devastating next week, all of our baddies have either been killed (Burrell) or just about escaped with their lives (Sarah). I did like however that it was Jessica and James who ended up going back to save Bill after he had sacrificed himself for vampire kind though.

As for the final scene with Eric – I doubt he’s dead. If he was, we would’ve seen it on screen. He’s probably just flown away either to track down Sarah or just to get his shit together after going on a holy rampage in this episode. Besides, I really can’t see the writers having the balls to kill him off either, so for the time being, I think it’s safe to say that Eric Northman lives for another season, don’t you?

Also in “Life Matters”

Sookie, you daft girl, why did you promise to agree to be Warlow’s again? Something tells me she’ll regret it next episode and Mrs Bellefleur was a handful at the funeral too.

Sookie (to Bill): “You’re the God of all vampires. Deal with your vampire shit.”

I actually thought for a brief moment that Sarah was going to tell Jason she was pregnant before he spared her. I’m really hoping she’s not if we see her again next season.

Eric (to young vampire): “Your maker’s gonna die a horrible death. It’s up to you whether you want to watch it but like I said, you’re free to go.”

Eric: “Have I ever healed you before?”
Jason: “I don’t think so.”
Eric: “Hmm, well you’re in for a treat and when you dream of me, dream of nice things.”

What is it with Jason and male vampires? Steve wanted him, he drank from Warlow and dreamed of him and now the same will happen with Eric. Oh and there’s also Violet maintaining her possessiveness of him as well.

Finn (to Eric, re Pam): “I fucked your progeny.”
Jason: “Woah, you didn’t just go there. That’s gonna cost ya, doc.”

Sookie (at the funeral): “I’m a telepath.”

It was a little strange but right seeing Lettie Mae, Jane and Maxine in this episode. Maxine ogling Alcide was a little unexpected though. Ginger’s screaming on the other hand, not so much.

Terry: “What’s her name? What?”
Sookie: “Arlene. Her name’s Arlene.”

Steve: “I love you, Jason Stackhouse.”

Standout music: Chris Pierce/Nathan Barr’s “Life Matters” sang by Big John at Terry’s funeral.

Bill (to Lilith’s followers): “I’m not going anywhere.”

Pam (to Eric): “Don’t you dare leave me.”

Chronology: From where “Dead Meat” left off.

“Life Matters” was without a doubt the best episode we’ve had this season. I think because it reminded me so much of my favourite episode from the first season and because the flashbacks worked so well, it just came together brilliantly. It’s episodes like this that do prove the show has some life left in it.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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