Saturday, August 10, 2013

Doctor Who - Top 50 Companions: Part 7

Well, it's been six days since the casting of Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor, so putting my excitement for that aside, here is the seventh part of my Top 50 Doctor Who companions list ...

16: Donna Noble (Catherine Tate)

Perhaps I'm being controversial by not having one of the most adored companions in the Top 10 but I'm certainly not trying to be. I have to admit during the first twenty minutes of The Runaway Bride, I wasn't particularly enamoured with Miss Noble but towards the end of that episode and the show's fourth series, Donna became exactly what the Tenth Doctor needed and what he needed was a best mate. Donna was that and more to him, which made her eventual fate all the more sadder because of it.

17: Lucie Miller (Sheridan Smith)

Oh Lucie Miller. In some ways she's a companion who has actually lasted longer than any of the companions Doctors 9-11 have had and like her predecessor, Charley Pollard, she is undoubtedly the Eighth Doctor's most signature companions, played by one of the UK's most in demand of actresses at the moment. A feisty, brash, Northern girl, Lucie had some truly brilliant stories with the Eighth Doctor and her final adventure, To The Death is the type of exit I would be interested in seeing the revived series attempt at some point with a companion.

18: Leela (Louise Jameson)

After the success of Sarah Jane Smith, any companion who followed might have had some big shoes to fill but the introduction of savage warrior, Leela almost made me forget about a certain journalist. Leela was not only a delightful contrast to her predecessor but was equally as smart and capable of dealing with the Fourth Doctor and the plethora of enemies he attracted in her own way. Plus, you really don't want to mess with someone who knows their way with Janus thorns. Just saying is all.

19: Charlotte Pollard (India Fisher)

You know, it's actually quite funny that the New series hasn't really done much with the Edwardian time period, especially given that the Eighth Doctor's signature companion turned out to be a delightful adventuress and one who even Russell T. Davies was an inspiration of sorts for Rose Tyler. Charley is without a doubt one of the most delightful and resourceful companions we've had on any medium and her relationships with both Eighth and Sixth Doctors have been nothing short of riveting to listen to. Along with Lucie, she is one audio companion that deserves a television appearance.

20: River Song (Alex Kingston)

If ever there was a polarising companion in this show's fifty year history, then I'm beginning to think that it would be River Song. Is she really the wife of the Doctor or the woman that killed him? Or even neither of the above? Whatever she is and whatever your stance is on the gun toting lady with a penchant for the phrases 'Hello Sweetie' and 'Spoilers', River Song certainly provokes strong opinions and will continue to do so long after she's gone pernamently from the series.

Part 8 of the list will be up next week.

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