Thursday, August 01, 2013

My Review of Dexter's 8x05: "This Little Piggy"

Written by Scott Reynolds
Directed by Romeo Tirone

Vogel: “I’m glad to see the two of you have managed to find your way back to each other.”
Deb: “Well the family that kills together.”

It does almost seem a little too simple that Dexter and Deb have found each other again but maybe that’s a good thing. This episode finally saw Deb come out of her trauma with Maria’s death as her and Dexter had to team together in order rescue Vogel but are things really going to be okay with her and Dexter?

Dexter had been furious with her for trying to kill the both of them in this episode and Vogel herself didn’t seem that sincere when she said she had been glad that they were on speaking terms again. I kind of suspect that Vogel might do something to drive them apart in the remainder of the season. Actually, scratch that – it’s bloody obvious that she will do something to cause another rift with Dexter and Deb.

Just look at her scenes with Yates in this episode. Yes, she was terrified of him and he came close enough to killing her but at the same time, Vogel had also used Yates’s mommy issues against him in order to gain an upper hand. It might have been a minor victory for her of sorts (before Dexter impaled him) but it certainly highlighted her more devious side as well.

And then there’s the fact that she participated in the ritual of disposing of Yates’s corpse along with Dexter and Deb. That was an interesting turning point for all three characters, wasn’t it? Dexter finally got to be his true self to his sister and a woman who has adopted a maternal role with him but it was Deb and Vogel’s reactions that were more interesting.

Vogel looked impressed with the whole scenario while Deb had accepted it. She even accepted watching Dexter kill Yates right in front of her as well. I can’t tell if that’s necessarily a good or a bad thing but it’s certainly a turning point though. Probably one that will have consequences as the rest of the season progresses too.

However the thing I’m wondering is if Yates is dead, does that mean the Brain Surgeon plot is dealt with then? This episode seemed to be stating that it was him but Vogel still seemed a little suspect too. More to the point, it also seems like another serial killer plot is being set up with weird rich kid, Zach Hamilton.

The boy basically admitted to Dexter that he murdered his father’s mistress and he certainly gave off the creepy vibes as well with the few scenes he was in. Add to the fact that Vogel’s something of a serial killer groomer and that Hannah’s return seems rather imminent, the list of problems for Dexter could be growing all the more along with the risk of his own exposure too.

In terms of the rest of the episode, the Masuka plot with his daughter seems to be something that could either way as well. Nikki could easily be trying to fleece him for some cash or she could genuinely be a young girl wanting to know her father. It’s a fun side plot, made more so with Deb’s inclusion but hopefully not one that’s dragged out too long though.

Also in “This Little Piggy”

It seems that Yates’s name is Albert but his dislike of it made him refer to himself as A.J instead though.

Dexter (to Deb): “I’m so fucking happy for you.”

I liked that this episode actually started with Dexter and Deb’s therapy session. The lack of voiceover at the start helped the scene too.

Miller (re Nikki): “This beautiful girl came from you?”
Masuka: “Yes indeed.”

Dexter: “I don’t hate you. Why did you save me? Why didn’t you let me drown?”
Deb: “I saw the car going underwater. I knew you were gonna die. I couldn’t imagine my life without you in it.”

Jamie is starting to get on my nerves this season. Personally I think she overstepped the mark with trying to do a double date with herself, Quinn, Dexter and Cassie, though the latter seems nice enough.

Deb (to Masuka, re Nikki): “Gotta be careful. You don’t want to know everything about family.”

Dexter (re Jamie): “”Serial killer bested by one hundred pound nanny.”

Standout music: Vogel was listening to Mama Cass’s “Make Your Own Kind Of Music”. That has to mean something.

Vogel (to Yates): “All you ever do is disappoint me.”

Chronology: A few days from “Scar Tissue”.

“This Little Piggy” was a pretty solid episode, certainly for the turnaround moments in the dynamic of Dexter, Deb and Vogel but some of the subplots did weigh down a bit – Quinn/Matthews butting heads over Zach, the sergeant thing with Quinn/Miller and Jamie in general. Perhaps it’s best to resolve some of these plots a little quicker, eh?

Rating: 8 out of 10

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