Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Homeland - Season 3 Trailer

The trailer was released a few days for the third season of Homeland and here are some of the highlights of what looks like another intense season ahead.

- First of all, the song being used in the trailer is called To Build A Home by Cinematic Orchestra.
- Can no-one do ugly crying like Claire Danes? Carrie seems to be crying a lot in this trailer.
- Quinn looks pretty trigger happy in this as well.
- Brody is on the run and sporting a massive reduction in hair as well.
- Meanwhile Jess, Dana and Chris seem to be falling apart in his absence.

- Nice scene with Carrie being comforted by Saul whilst another has her handcuffed to a hospital bed.
- Brody seems to have been injured as well in some of the shots in the trailer.
- Could Dana be taking up her father's other religion? Laying down the mat did seem to indicate it and she's taking pictures of herself.
- Jess seems to have moved onto someone new as well, judging by one moment in the trailer.
- There does look to be more location filming this series as well, especially with Brody's storyline.

Season 3 Trailer:

Season 3 of Homeland will air Sundays at 9pm on Showtime from September 29th and will air on Channel 4 and RTE2 in October.

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