Friday, April 03, 2015

Arrow/The Flash - Untitled Spin-Off Adds More Members

With both Arrow and The Flash nearing the end of their current seasons and the pilot for Supergirl in the works, the untitled spin-off has announced more cast members.

Previously it was announced that Brandon Routh, Victor Garber and Wentworth Miller were all announced for this untitled show, reprising their respective roles of Ray Palmer/The Atom, Professor Martin Stein/Firestorm and Leonard Snart/Captain Cold with Caity Lotz in an unconfirmed role but also returning/being added into the fold is Dominic Purcell. The former Prison Break actor will continue his role as villainous Mick Rory/Heatwave in the upcoming series. I have to admit - I really want both both Cold and Heatwave to remain villain and not Suicide Squad type of grudging allies. I can't be the only one who wants that, right?

However adding to the hero roster, Ciara Renee will be a regular for the upcoming spin-off. The actress best known for her roles in Back To Reality and Crime Stoppers Case Files has been cast in the role of Kendra Saunders/Hawkgirl. The character will discover that she has been reincarnated through the centuries, with a warrior persona awakening and wings sprouting from her back when she is provoked. I'm also going to bet that Hawkman might appear at some point in the series too, if not right away.

Completing the roster (for now) we've got Rory Williams himself, Arthur Darvill. The former Doctor Who companion will be taking on the role of time travelling hero, Richard "Rip" Hunter, who has been described by the show producers as “a Han Solo-esque rogue who gets by with his charm, this hero hails from the future, and has journeyed back in time on a secret mission”. With both Alex Kingston and John Barrowman (and even Yee Jee Tso) appearing prominently in the Arrow universe, this isn't the first time we've had a former TARDIS occupant in the DC universe but it's certainly going to be fun to see what Darvill will bring to the role.

Press Release:

I'll post more details on this upcoming spin-off as they become available. Hopefully we won't have too long to wait before we find out the actual title for the show too.

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