Saturday, April 04, 2015

Atom Men & Golden Guns

A look into some of the more recent shows I've been watching ...

Arrow: A decent slew of episodes but also ones with over familiar arguments as well - like Felicity's constant disapproval about the League of Shadows, Laurel struggling to get her father's forgiveness, Thea being unable to forgive herself when she isn't furious with Malcolm, Roy doing very little other than being supportive and Oliver having have a face like a slapped backside anytime someone else dons a costume. Ray's transformation into the Atom could've been done a little better but his enthusiasm is a nice counterpoint to Oliver's gloominess and he was a highlight in a less than riveting Suicide Squad episode too.

Girls: Not a bad finale actually. Granted the problem with this show is that the recurring/supporting characters aren't strong enough to give a shit about though so the focus on Adam's weird sister and Hannah's just as weird neighbour becoming parents wasn't too interesting. More interesting was the six month flash forward and the sudden changes for Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna and Jessa, which could be a good sign for next season as well.

Looking: An okay-ish finale. I think the heavy emphasis on both Kevin and Patrick's relationship hitting the skids wasn't the best of ideas to be honest. The problem with this season (in a way) is that their relationship has become slightly less interesting than last season and one I'm hoping one that either the movies does away with altogether or gets back on track. The brighter spots were the Agustin/Eddie and Dom/Doris scenes but they were too few though.

Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD: This season is still ticking over nicely and while the Skye/Inhumans and Real SHIELD plots with Bobbi and Mack are more central now, I did like the diversion of Ward trying to help Agent 33 get her face back while at the same time getting to briefly meet May's ex-husband. That being said though, the divide between Fitz and Simmons is a little sad and I do think Coulson needs to be a bit more objective as well over the Skye storyline. Other than that, the show is still moving along nicely.

Once Upon A Time: I am really enjoying where the last few episodes have been going, While Ursula's storyline was wrapped up a little too quickly, the Queens of Darkness are still oodles of fun to watch and it's been nice to have August back properly into the fold as well. I also like that we know who Maleficent's daughter as well as the Author and the fact that Emma is aware of what her parents have done should provide the working for darkness to creep into her. Oh and does anyone else think Henry has a certain future as well, given what we learned about the Author?

Scandal: Finally, this storyline is done with. I think four episodes of Olivia being kidnapped and potentially sold off was more than enough and having both Abby and a briefly returned Stephen be the ones to save her was a lot more satisfying than either Fitz or Jake doing it. I also really liked that Andrew suffered some consequences for this whole stunt (proving Huck doesn't have to dismember or kill to be dark). The final scene with Olivia and Fitz though in episode 13 was definitely one of the best written and acted moments this season as well.

The Flash: I've really been enjoying this show a lot more than it's parent and the last two episodes (have to catch up with episode 17) have been some of the best ones yet. The whole Reverse flash mystery with Harrison has gotten more and more unpredictable and the return of both Cold and Heatwave (with the former's sister in tow) worked pretty well as did the increased screen time for Cisco and the building development for both Barry and Iris as well. Overall, this show keeps hitting new heights of brilliance.

- Owain Yeoman has been cast as Vartox in the upcoming Supergirl series.
- ABC are considering reviving The Muppets Show.
- NBC are reviving Coach, starring Craig T. Nelson.
- House Of Cards has been renewed for a fourth season.
- Irish viewers can see the second half of Outlander's first season from Tuesday at 11.20pm on RTE2.
- George RR Martin is helping to developing a show named  about a sci-fi writer in 1949 called Captain Cosmos for HBO. Martin has also confirmed he won't be penning an episode for the sixth season of Game Of Thrones.
- New Girl has been renewed for a fifth season.
- Fear The Walking Dead is the name of the spin off for The Walking Dead.
- The final seven episodes of Atlantis's second and last series will air Saturdays at 7.45pm on BBC1 from April 11th.
- Mitch Pileggi and William B. Davis are returning to The X Files.

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