Saturday, April 11, 2015

Orange Is The New Black - Season 3 Trailer

With Daredevil finally released onto the general population yesterday (will be watching that later), another of Netflix's crowned jewels released a trailer for it's upcoming season.

The trailer for Orange Is The New Black's third season with the neat tagline of No Excuses, No Apologies showed that things were going to continue to be chaotic and fun. Some of the highlights included ....

- No Larry. Yes, this season will be a Jason Biggs free zone. No offence to the bloke but Larry will not be missed as a character.
- Plenty of Piper and Alex stuff as the latter struggles to deal with being locked while the former has seemingly made peace with it.
- Boo getting quite the makeover in one scene as Tiffany plays guide to the new prisoners, one of whom has a thing for Piper.
- Bennett and Daya scenes, which should please people. Also some tension with Gloria and Sophia?
- Red's snappy comment about seeing the world in 'black and white and red'.
- Suzanne embarking on some creative writing. Involving aliens. As you should do.

You can watch the trailer below. It certainly looks like we've got another excellent season ahead of us.

Season 3 Trailer:

Orange Is The New Black's third season will be available on Netflix from June 12th.

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