Saturday, April 25, 2015

Suicide Squad - First Look At The Joker

The movie might not be out for another year but after months of speculation we finally know what actor Jared Leto will look like as the Joker in Suicide Squad, thanks to director David Ayre revealing the look via Twitter yesterday. Without further ado, here he is ....

Well, where to begin on this one?

The hair is suitably green, the teeth with silver bits in them look very creepy and the lips are as red as the Joker's should be. I'm also getting a kick out of the purple glove as well. However, the tattoos seem a tad excessive and I would've liked to have seen a full costume picture but I'm sure that will happen over the next few months anyways.

That being said, it's something to go on though. What are everyone else's opinions on the look?


Suicide Squad will air in cinemas from August 5th 2016.

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