Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ding Dong, The Witch Ain't Dead

A look at some of the shows I've seen recently.

Arrow: So, I'm keeping this at Sky1 pace and I've seen the latest episode and well, that departure I a) saw coming a mile off and b) still hated but not as much as I thought I would. Maybe instead of overly obsessing with the Ray/Felicity/Oliver triangle, characters like Diggle and Roy could've been more focused on this season. On the plus side, at least Laurel has continued to improve along with Thea and Ras not taking half measures to get his own way has helped to up the ante in Starling City but I'm still gonna miss Roy though. Not cool, show.

Game Of Thrones: It's been a hell of a week for this show's  return. Like Doctor Who last year, it had the misfortune of several episodes leaking online (haven't seen them) but even that didn't stop the opening episode getting 8 million viewers on HBO and 1.5 million on SkyAtlantic alike. The opening episode wasn't the show's best one but it certainly set up so many things - Dany's eventual fleeing for Meereen, a possibly deserved downfall for Cersei, Tyrion and Varys backing another ruler as well as new developments for characters like Sansa and Littlefinger. We've had stronger opening episodes but this one still managed to be an engrossing hour nonetheless though.

Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD: A good run of episodes. I haven't seen the big May episode yet (that's for tomorrow on RTE2) but I've heard good things about it. While the Real SHIELD thing is a little bogging down, I did like that it seems like both Fitz and Simmons finally got on the same page with each other and Skye ending up in that Inhumans sanctuary and not knowing that her would be mentor is her mother has potential, plot wise.

Once Upon A Time: I have to admit, although I'm enjoying the second half of the fourth season, I'm beginning to think this whole Queens of Darkness plot would've been better had Rumple not been responsible for it's inception in the first place. Despite some horrific plot gaps in logic (after the needless shafting of Marian), I think it would've been better had it been Zelena that reunited the trio and actually have them against Rumple/go after the Author (who we finally met)/try to channel Emma's potential darkness etc. Other than that, a solid bunch of episodes even if Zelena's long con with Robin makes little scene under even the least amount of scrutiny.

Scandal: With the kidnapping Olivia saga now behind the show (boy, did that four episode arc not go down well with certain viewers), I think The Lawn Chair should go down as one of the most poignant if somewhat on the nose episodes the show has ever attempted. It's airing (both in the US and UK) was sadly timely but it didn't detract from being an incredibly strong episode while the following episode gave us some much needed forwarding for Huck as well. Now I'm oddly intriguing by the upcoming episode with Lena Dunham next week on SkyLiving.

The Flash: Sticking with Sky1 pace here, can I just say I absolutely loved the Tricksters episode? I haven't seen the 1990s series where Mark Hamill originally played the role but watching both him and modern version, played by Devon Graye was an absolute blast as the two of them played off each other extremely well. Not to mention the use of an infamous movie quote as well. Seriously, I think this was the most bonkers episode the show has done and also my favourite as well, especially as the shocks about Harrison and Reverse Flash kept a coming and one of the least likeliest characters became privy to Barry's identity. I've said it before but right now this is still slightly surpassing the parent show at the moment.

- Daredevil has become the second most downloaded show this year since it's release on Netflix last Friday. I think I can guess the first one.
- UK viewers can watch the first season of Empire, Tuesdays at 9pm on E4 from April 28th.
- HBO have picked up Sharon Horgan's comedy Divorce, starring Sarah Jessica Parker to a full series.
- Revenge's final episode for Season 4 (or possibly ever) will be titled Two Graves. expect characters such as Mason Treadwell and Charlotte Grayson to appear in the last few episodes.
- True Detective's second season will air on SkyAtlantic from June 22nd, the day after it premieres on HBO.
- A second season for Constantine is "a long shot". I still think "unlikely" is closer to the mark.
- The BBC have renewed Poldark for a second series.
- Once Upon A Time has been renewed for a fifth season.
- The cast of Girls will be appearing in The Simpsons.
- Orange Is The New Black has been picked up for a fourth season.

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