Friday, April 24, 2015

Scream Queens: First Look Promotional Pictures/Spoilers

While we have to wait a while before a trailer is released, FOX and Ryan Murphy have in the meantime released several promotional pictures and various soundbites as to what we can expect from upcoming horror/comedy anthology series, Scream Queens.

Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts): The president of a Kappa society at Wallace University and something of a ruthless little madam, who rules the roost and has a great boyfriend (played by Glen Powell), I have to admit that while I don't mind Roberts as an actress, it does seem like Chanel is no different to the characters she's played in the previous two seasons of American Horror Story. Hopefully I'm wrong and Roberts does genuinely surprise.

Cathy Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis): The dean of the university, Cathy is determined to get rid of the racist aspect of the Kappa society, even if she has to disband the society in order to do it. She's described as a woman who's going through a bad divorce and someone who has had enough as well. Ryan Murphy has talked about wanting to work with Curtis for a while now and it seems like he's written her an interesting role here.

Hester Greenwold (Lea Michele): Originally rumoured to be called Brittany, former Glee actress Lea Michele confirmed on Twitter yesterday that her character is in fact called Hester or the less affectionate moniker of "Neckbrace" (courtesy of Chanel). Murphy has revealed that Michele's character suffers from scoliosis and will want everything that Chanel has and will do anything to get it while wearing tracksuits from 1995 and no make up. Lea did mention that her character on this show wouldn't resemble Rachel Berry and it turns out that she might be right here.

Zayday (Keke Palmer): A girl with a genius IQ who joins the sorority in order to bolster her resume and change things, which will impress Cathy. As for the other girls, it seems that Abigail Breslin, Ariana Grande and Billie Lourd will all be playing henchwomen to Roberts Chanel as they fear Cathy bringing their reign of terror to an end while Skyler Samuels character has been named as Grace, who is also rumoured to be a rival to Chanel as well while Niecy Nash's security guard is called Denise. No name has been revealed for Nasim Pedrad's character yet.

Boone (Nick Jonas): Not too much has been revealed about the male characters as such but we do know that Jonas's character will be funny but also possess a dark side and will be a part of a golfing fraternity with Glen Powell's Chad called Dollar Scholars. Murphy confirmed that there will be lots of sex in the series (not a shocker) while Oliver Hudson will play Rodrigo and Julian Morris will play a character named Jack. The name of Lucien Laviscount's character has not been released yet.

Pete Diller (Diego Boneta): One of the POV characters of the show, it seems that Pete will also not be into fraternities but will play something of a role in trying to find the Red Devil killer (named after the university's mascot and the costume the killer wears) as he's the editor of the university's paper. Other spoilers that Murphy has disclosed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly will be that the show will open with a flashback to a horrible event in 1995 that factors into the present day killings and we will lose a character an episode apparently as well. The more I read about this show, the more fun it's sounding. However unlike Murphy's other anthology series, this show won't be resetting itself if it gets a second season. All we need now is a proper trailer and a confirmed airdate and we're all set.

Entertainment Weekly Spoilers:

Screams Queens will air on FOX from September. A UK broadcaster is yet to be confirmed.

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