Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My Review of Revenge's 4x21: "Aftermath"

Written by Shannon Goss And Christopher Fife
Directed by Rob J. Greenlea

Emily (re Victoria): "That bitch set me up. I'm innocent."

Of course this happened. It would've been a remiss had it not. Emily had the perfect scheme to fake her death and see Victoria go to prison for it. Sadly for her, Victoria thought it was a neat thing to do as well and having Mason being part of the frame job was a nice touch. Emily screwed them both over and now they've done it to her in style.

I'm not actually praising Victoria and Mason here and I certainly don't see Emily going to prison as karma in any form but I do think she should've seen this one coming. With two episodes left in the series, I'd be extremely annoyed if Emily is sent to prison for a murder she didn't commit, but right now it does look like the odds aren't in her favour.

Along with Victoria's two minions Louise and Margaux acting like the woman was a saint, Ben well and truly turned on Emily this week too. I know that he had to consider the possibility of Victoria's death being a murder but it's almost like was too quick to believe that Emily murdered the woman and that scene with Jack at the station did come across as sour grapes as well.

Speaking of Jack - I understand that he momentarily considered the idea that Emily might have done it too (as did Stevie in a way but ultimately I am glad that some awkwardness aside that he was mainly on Emily's side in this episode as well, even if Nolan had to convince him of Emily's innocence as well. He also seemed happy when Ben told him that Emily chose him as well.

As for David - I'm glad the episode raised the notion of him being a suspect, considering that he had plotted to kill Victoria earlier in the season. Of course this also ended up being used as a means for Emily to find out that her father was ill, even if David didn't tell her everything. Isn't his condition actually worse than he's letting on?

The rest of the episode moved at a good pace too. While I hated that Nolan and Tony broke up, I am glad that at least the latter wasn't killed off or vilified in the process though. That being said - the adoption storyline for Tony literally came out of nowhere and a part of me is still hoping he's back for the last episode but I guess not, eh?

Also in "Aftermath"

Of course Emily wouldn't be bothered about Grayson Manor being blown up. It was never really her home in the first place.

Nolan (to Emily, re Mason): "Can't anyone follow a simple revenge plan? Oh right you didn't when you revealed yourself as Amanda."

Nolan's nickname for Mason - Crazy Capote. I think even if Mason sold his soul to the devil, he probably wouldn't have half of Capote's talent though.

Emily (re Victoria): "She wanted to die at Grayson Manor."
David: "That house was a symbol of everything Grayson stood for - wealth, power, status."

Stevie (re Victoria): "That woman changed the course of my life. She stole my husband, she drove me to drink and she ran me out of town."
Jack: "You're not the only person whose life she destroyed."

Of course Victoria's little video message would quickly delete but even though are retrievable though. Emily better hope so.

Louise (to Margaux): "I knew it. This wasn't a suicide at all. This was murder."

Nolan: "I wish I had met you a year ago."
Tony: "Me too. Goodbye Nolan."

Standout music: Not really anything this week I think.

Victoria (to Emily): "The only difference, you never had the guts to kill yourself but I do so I suppose that makes me the victor in our little game but who's keeping score? Enjoy your life in prison my dear. May you suffer greatly."

Chronology: From where "Burn" left off.

A strong follow up episode, "Aftermath" might have had some frustrating moments (airport security?) but it was still a great episode, even if things might not be looking so rosy for Emily at the moment.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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