Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Empire - Season 1 Debuts On E4 Tonight/Season 2 Wishlist (Spoilers)

Well, it's finally here. The first season of FOX's mammoth hit Empire finally airs for UK and Irish viewers tonight on E4 and Digital Spy have rounded up seven compelling reasons to watch the show (the link's below). However for those of us who've already seen the first season (either at US pace or otherwise), here are a few things that I think the second season could do. Don't read on if you haven't seen all the first season.

Episode Count: Personally I think it should stick to 12 episodes. It’s a good number, ensures that certain storylines aren’t bloated and it means that we mostly avoid having filler episodes as well. I know FOX probably want more and are slightly nervous about gaps between seasons but if a show like Game Of Thrones can have 9-10 months gaps between seasons and still continue to pull in great ratings (amid book spoilers, episode leaks etc), there’s no reason Empire can’t either. Sometimes less is more and this show will burn out fast if FOX try to take it to 20 plus episodes - Glee certainly did. At a push though, they could do 16 episodes - eight that air during October/November, break for December and then air the remaining eight between mid January/early March but really, twelve episodes is more than enough for the show.

Father & Sons: I don’t mind that Jamal has a little bit of a ruthless streak but what I don’t want is the show to try and turn him into Lucious 2.0 though. Show the similarities between Jamal and Lucious but also continue to highlight the differences between them as well. Also continue to develop the relationships that Lucious has with Jamal, Andre and Hakeem as well. Same with Cookie and her sons too.

Develop Other Characters: I get that this show is about the Lyon family and that’s perfectly fine but I do hope for the second season we are given more insight into the likes of Anika, Rhonda, Porscha, Becky etc. Look at Michael - the guy was in six episodes and aside from something to do with cooking, we knew absolutely nothing about the guy.

Don’t Go Overkill With The Guest Stars: I get that the popularity of this show is going to be tempted all sort of people to want to appear in the show and I’m cool with that but at the same time, I hope the show continues to strike the right balance here. The super talented main cast should not play second fiddle to any of the special guest star types.

More Flashbacks: That’s probably a guarantee anyways but so far I am loving them. Basically, I’m a sucker for a good old flashback really.

Duets Ahoy: Again another thing I greatly enjoyed during the first season. More please.

Jamal’s Love Life: Should he stick with Ryan or should Michael come back and the two of them work it out again (the actor who plays the latter certainly seems keen on returning via his Twitter lol) or should Jamal get another love interest? I guess it depends but I do like seeing a loved up Jamal too. Although come to think of it, maybe we should also see a single Jamal for a few episodes too as we haven’t had that yet either.

Rivalries: Lucious needs a proper rival and I don’t mean members of his family. Beretti came close but appeared too fleetingly to really nail it so either that old guy that Cookie/Anika/Andre/Hakeem were seeking advice on a hostile takeover as a potential rival or someone else from Lucious’s past with a similar backstory and a similar rise to the ranks of being poor to owning a strong recording company. Someone Lucious can properly go toe to toe with as well. Plus you can imagine the fun this show would casting that role. The rival could also have his own family to rival Cookie and the boys as well.

Seven Reasons To Watch Empire: http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/ustv/feature/a644349/empire-starts-tonight-7-reasons-why-you-should-tune-in-for-the-hit-us-drama.html#~pb91uKJIbu4USO

Empire airs Tuesdays 9pm on E4 fron tonight.

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