Thursday, April 23, 2015

First Look: MTV's Scream: The TV Series

Yeah, this was released last week, but it's now that I decided to talk about the trailer for MTV's television version of Scream.

The 10 part series, due to air in the summer premiered it's proper trailer (after a few pointless teasers for the trailer) and I have to admit, I wasn't particularly blown away by what I saw. On one hand, it looks like the series is going to be very influenced by Scream 4 (you can just tell MTV will certainly be coming up with various hash tags as the show airs) but so far in the trailer, it's hard to spot who exactly will take on the Sidney Prescott role of the show. I do like that they're trying to conceal Ghostface's general look for a little longer until the series does air though.

In a bit of casting news, Amelia Rose Blaire has joined the cast. The former True Blood actress has bagged the recurring role of Piper Shay, the smart, quirky host of a wildly popular podcast who comes to town to investigate the recent deaths. More than likely, she'll probably also end up as another of those recent deaths too but other than that, it's solid casting.

More Information/Trailers:

Scream: The TV Series will air on MTV Tuesdays at 10pm from June 30th. A UK broadcaster has yet to be announced.

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