Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Closets - Upcoming Gay Sci-Fi Themed Movie

And for fans of both Cucumber and The Sarah Jane Adventures, it's a chance to see a few familiar faces together onscreen as well.

Closets - a sci-fi movie, written and directed by Lloyd Eyre-Morgan and reuniting both Julie Hesmondhalgh and Ceallach Spellman as mother and son for the second time this year will focus on tormented 16-year-old Henry (Thomas Knight) in 1986 who is struggling with his sexuality in his bedroom when he time travels to 2016 and meets gay teenager Ben (Spellman), who is occupying the same room 30 years later.

Hesmondalgh will play Penny, the mother of Spellman's character while rounding off the cast are Waterloo Road actor Jason Done as an older version of Henry and Janet Bamford as Susan. The film will focus on the attitudes towards homophobia as well as the past and present-day issues facing young gay teenagers through Ben and Henry's friendship as well. Closets has also been described as unusual, compassionate and ultimately uplifting story, peppered with sorrow, humour and hope. Needless to say when it becomes available, I will review it for this blog.

Closets - Official Site: http://www.closetsfilm.com/
Cast Pics: http://www.cultbox.co.uk/news/galleries/closets-pics-gallery-cucumber-stars-reunite-in-new-gay-time-travel-film

Closets will be screened later this year.

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