Monday, May 11, 2015

My Review of Atlantis's 2x11: "Kin"

Written by Julian Jones
Directed by Justin Molotnikov

Pasiphae (re Jason): “It seems the gods really do smile on him”

After two fairly strong enough episodes, this was another rather plodding hour for a show that will be over and done with by the weekend. Jason got captured - check, had to fit in the pits instead of getting roasted by the bronze bull - check, slowly but surely realised that Aeson was his father - check, eventually escaped captivity - check, lost his father - also check. Literally nothing in this episode came as a shock.

Okay, maybe the divide between Medea and Pasiphae towards the end of the episode as the latter took Jason's acceptance of Aeson as a form of rejection but Pasiphae has always been the easily slighted sort anyways. However unlike Pasiphae who the writers refuse to develop as a layer antagonist, at least Medea can actually see the value in Jason and doesn't take all of his resistance as a slight.

The best part of the episode surprisingly involved Ariadne. She didn't really do anything as such but her scenes with both Hercules and Pythagoras have done more to make a better character to watch than anything else thus far. Had we seen this side to the character before, it might have made more difference to the show.

Last but not least - are the writers going to go anywhere with Pythagoras and Icarus? I get the latter is being forced to give information to Pasiphae because his father's imprisoned but the fleeting scenes with the two aren't really going anywhere, are they?

- Why is everyone in Pasiphae's court acting like Jason murdered the previous Oracle when they know Medusa did the deed? It's getting frustrating now.
- Although the pit stuff was tedious, I did like the guy Diocles actually helping Jason though.
- I don't get why anyone would want to follow Pasiphae as a leader. She's pretty hot headed and incompetent from what has been shown so far.
- BBC1 are burning off the last two episodes on Saturday at 7pm. More than likely I will do one review for them instead of two.

"Kin" was just dull. I was hoping after the previous two, it would be an exciting leading episode into the series finale but I spent most of the episode bored by it. I really hope the finale is good but I'm starting to think it's going to be a pile of dreck.

Rating: 6 out of 10

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