Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Scream Queens - Extended Trailer/Gifs

Last week we got a simple thirty second one from the upfronts for the upcoming horror/comedy series, Scream Queens. Now we've got another one and this time, it's three minutes long. Some highlights from it.

Sorority Hating: Already I love Jamie Lee Curtis's Dean Cathy Munsch and watching her tear apart everything that vacuous Sorority head, Chanel (Emma Roberts) believes in was probably the best part of the trailer. That being said, does Cathy's hatred for sororities extend to her being the Red Devil killer? I'd say quite possibly yeah.

The Devil Themselves: The killer of the piece shows up several times in the trailer, especially to terrorise the new sororities members (in a moment harking back to Heathers) and at least two or three people (aside from the death back in 1995) are clearly going to be gone within the first two episodes. However, despite the above gif, I do not think Chanel will be one of them.

Pretty Scared Boy: Nick Jonas - I guess it's a case of enjoy him while you can because his character Boone definitely looks like one of the first victims of the piece as he's later seen sprawled on a table in the Kappa sorority as well. Oh and there's some wimpy looking frat boys also terrified of the killer too.

Comedy Cops: One of the funniest and cringey things from this trailer was Niecy Nash's Sheriff Denise vowing to catch the killer, even though she reacts quite strangely when her fellow cop Chantelle is killed in their police car.

Showcase Those Lungs Ladies: This show does seem to literally live up to it's title as there's a lot of screaming amongst the corpses as well. On the plus side, at least both Zayday and Grace seem like decent rivals for Chanel (more likeable too) and there's the quirkiness of both Jennifer and Hester to balance out Chanel's vacuous minions as well. As for the Killer and their motive - the trailer threw out various teasers and misdirections, so trying to guess their identity over the 15 episodes as the bodies drop on a weekly basis will be a lot of fun too.

Scream Queens - Extended Trailer:

Scream Queens will premiere Tuesdays 9pm on FOX from September. A UK broadcaster has yet to be confirmed.

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