Thursday, May 28, 2015

First Look: Channel 4/AMC's Humans

And the trend of US and UK co-productions continues as AMC and Channel 4 have banded together to produce their own version of hit Swedish sci-fi drama, Humans.

The eight part series set in suburban London, Humans takes place in a parallel present where the latest must-have gadget for any busy family is a Synth – a highly developed, artificially intelligent servant eerily similar to its living counterpart. Fresh Meat actress, Gemma Chan plays Anita, one of a group of rogue synthetics bought for drifting couple Joe and  Laura Hawkins (Tom Goodman-Hill and Katherine Parkinson) with Merlin actor Colin Morgan takes on the role of Leo, a man with his Synth Max (Ivanno Jeremiah), are desperately searching for someone from Leo's past.

Other plot strands include widower George Millican (William Hurt) has formed a close relationship with his out-of-date Synth, Odi (Will Tudor), whom he treats more like a son than a piece of machinery. When Odi begins to malfunction, the National Health Service forcefully upgrades him with a new stern elder-care model named Vera (Rebecca Front) and George must hide the bond he has with Odi or risk forfeiting him to the authorities.

I'll admit to never seeing the original and I'm hoping a station over here will air it at some point but this looks absolutely fantastic. A slew of impressive actors, an interesting commentary on man versus technology and with one of the best promotional campaigns I've seen in ages, I really hope Humans is a total success for both Channel 4 and AMC.

Promotional Pictures/Trailers/Press Releases:

Humans airs Sundays 9pm on Channel 4 from June 14th and AMC from June 28th respectively.

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