Wednesday, May 06, 2015

My Review of Revenge's 4x22: "Plea"

Written by Alex Taub
Directed by J Miller Tobin

Emily (re Victoria): "I know she's alive."
Margaux: "You are delusional."
Emily: "Delusional with nothing to lose."

Well, that's not true. This episode alone made it clear that Emily could lose her freedom and will lose David as the latter only has six months to live but at least even with the obstacles of ankle bracelets and being put back in the slammer after violating rules didn't deter Emily from realising her archenemy is actually alive.

I have to admit I'm actually relieved to a degree that Victoria didn't kill herself. The woman is way too much of a narcissist to kill herself so framing Emily instead and using an unclaimed body (along with Margaux and Mason as hench people) actually makes a lot more sense. The way Emily described to Ben Victoria's intricate plans showed that she really thought things through. Except she was sloppy in some other regards.

It took Louise of all people to actually find the hoodie that Emily supposedly wore when Victoria was attacked in the latter's penthouse (actually we learned that Margaux did the attacking) to make her realise that her guardian angel might not have killed herself after all. She did however manage to relay this back to Ben, who despite spending most of the episode sceptical of Emily's innocence did some digging of his own, learned that Victoria was alive and then got killed by White Gold at Margaux's behest.

I'm not going to mourn Ben too much as a character but it was a little sad that upon actually doing some decent detective work he ended up getting killed for it. Of course with White Gold around the place, it does mean that along with getting out of jail, Emily has someone other than Victoria that she'll have to take out during the final episode as well. That should be fun to watch, right?

As for the rest of the episode, it was mostly everyone reacting to either Emily going to prison or David not having too long to live. There were some nice individual scenes with Nolan and Jack, Jack and David, David and Emily and of course one scene with Emily and Jack that should delight all shipper if both of them make it out of next week's episode alive that is.

Also in "Plea"

Charlotte returned for one scene in this episode to give Louise permission to enter Victoria's penthouse and to also tell audiences that she can't be bothered with her mother's "death". Smart girl.

Louise: "We all need to grieve."
Margaux: "This is how I grieve."

Emily's defense lawyer was played by Tom Amandes who has previously worked with Emily Van Camp on Everwood.

Emily (to Jack): "I wanna be with you. It's why I need all of this to work. It's why I'm going after Mason even if I have to cut my damn foot off. I want us to have a chance."

Louise (re Victoria): "Don't you want something to remember her by?"
Charlotte: "I'll tell you what - you stop calling me and I'll tell the hotel you have my permission to enter her penthouse. Take whatever's gonna bring you solace."

Loved how Jack was able to get Margaux framed for stealing some jewellery and how quickly Emily was able to get information out of her. It does prove that Margaux is an inept villain though.

Margaux (to Jack): "This is a knee jerk reaction with you. Defend Emily no matter what, even when she kills."

Nolan (to Louise): "I can't stand in Emily's house because your guardian angel blew it up."

Victoria claimed the body of a woman named Mary Gaines to pull off her elaborate scheme.

Margaux: "Of course you were behind this."
Emily: "That's a theory but we've got all night to discuss among other things."

Standout music: Nothing that I can think of.

Ben (to Victoria): "Son of a bitch! You are alive."

Chronology: From where "Aftermath" kind of left off.

Not a brilliant penultimate episode but "Plea" certainly set up everything nicely for the finale though. It'll be interesting to see if Emily can get her freedom, revenge and love by Sunday, especially given the odds aren't in her favour at the moment.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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