Friday, May 29, 2015

The New Batman Adventures - Episodes 13-16 Reviews

Fourth blog and I have to admit with the exception of one episode, this batch were mostly on the clunker end of the scale to be honest.

Episode 13: Love Is A Croc

One of two team up episodes in a row where things start well and then inevitably go wrong. Here, it's the rather unlikely pairing of both Killer Croc and Baby Doll as the latter feels a connection to the former's isolation from people and springs him free in order to become the Bonnie & Clyde of Gotham. The team up works for a while but Croc did tire of Doll's clingy behaviour and she retaliated by trying to blow the city up. It wasn't a terrible episode but I wasn't particularly excited by it either. 6/10

Episode 14: The Ultimate Thrill

The second team up to go awry this week was both the Penguin and reckless former stunt woman turned criminal Roxy Rocket in a slightly better story than the previous episode. On the plus side, the pairing isn't built on an ill fated romance of sorts and as a side antagonist, Roxy is pretty funny at times, even if the flirting with Batman doesn't really work. A little better than the previous episode but slightly forgettable though. 6/10

Episode 15: Cult Of The Cat

Now this is more like it. While You Scratch My Back wasn't exactly a classic and technically neither is this one, this felt like a far better episode for Catwoman than we've had in a while. Adding into the fact that we've got a creepy cat worshipping cult led by Thomas Blake (who sadly didn't become Catman in this episode) and a great battle of wits between Batman and Catwoman, this was probably one of the most enjoyable episodes from the series. Still not really digging Catwoman's revamped look though. 8/10

Episode 16: Critters

Probably the worst episode of the series (well, I still have eight to go), this was just one of those installments, I couldn't wait to end. I'm not really a fan of mutated bugs/animal type of stories I suppose and this one had them in spades thanks to the rather nuts Farmer Brown and his daughter. I guess there was some great moments with Batman, Batgirl, Robin and Bullock but other than that, it was a pretty terrible episode. 4/10

Next blog will cover Animal Act, Old Wounds, Legends Of The Dark Knight and Girls Nite Out.

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