Thursday, May 14, 2015

First Look: 2015-2016 US TV Season Upfronts Part 1

With the majority of the finales for the current season having now aired or about to air in the next week or two, it's time to look ahead towards the future as many new shows will be debuting in the autumn and trailers for these shows have now aired. I've picked some of the more striking ones from ABC, CBS and FOX for this segment.

1: Supergirl  - CBS (Mondays 8pm)

Probably the most anticipated new show to come, can Greg Berlanti and company strike lightening a third time with this one? Given the six and a half minute trailer that was released, I'm going to quite possibly. It might be up against Gotham when it debuts but Melissa Benoist already looks like she's going to make for a great Kara/Supergirl and the links to her cousin's legacy are also present and correct too. Tonally though, it seems closer to The Flash than Arrow, which is a great thing.

2: Scream Queens - FOX (Tuesdays 9pm)

It took Fox a bit longer to release a trailer for this one and oddly, they went for a shorter one (about half a minute) but it's a good one. While it does look like Emma Roberts really is just playing the same role she did twice in American Horror Story, there does seem to be a lot of bitchy fun to this as the Kappa girls (and some random dudes) find themselves being picked off by the Red Devil Mascot killer. Oh and it also seems to be an interesting comeback vehicle for Jamie Lee Curtis as well.

3: The Muppets - ABC (Tuesdays 8pm)

One of the surprising additions to the upcoming TV season, reviving a franchise that has mostly been movie fodder for the last while is an interesting movie. While I'm a bit iffy about the pitch of an adult version/focus on relationships, the trailer for this made me smile quite a lot and to be honest, who doesn't to see Kermit, Miss Piggy and company on the small screen once again?

4: Quantico - ABC (Tuesdays 10pm)

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra and Scottish actor Dougray Scott head up the cast of this intriguing conspiracy/terrorist themed show. Having watched the trailer, there does seem to be some very soap opera elements amongst the various training sequences and devastation that seems to befall New York in this. I wasn't initially fussed about this show but the trailer at least makes me want to watch the first few episodes.

5: Of Kings And Prophets - ABC (Sundays 10pm)

I have to admit, this seems like a really strange addition to ABC's schedule. A biblical drama like this seems more suited for cable (though NBC recently had a similar series) and Ray Winstone is one of my least favourite actors going. That being said, the trailer for this massively impressed me and it's gorgeously shot, so I'll be giving it a go.

6: Lucifer - FOX (Mid-season, Mondays 9pm)

Launching out of the upcoming The X-Files revival (and then later airing alongside Gotham), this show will make it's debut in late February/early March 2016, the series has former Rush actor Tom Ellis playing Lucifer himself who has ditched hell to run a nightclub and work for the police when a girl is murdered in his arms. I have to admit, it's an interesting premise made slightly generic by the crime drama element and while Ellis isn't the most magnetic of actors, there was a fair degree of humour in the trailer for this show that the similarly themed The Frankenstein Code seemed devoid of. Not sure if this will be a show that will go the distance though.

7: Bordertown - FOX (Mid-season, Sundays TBC)

With Family Guy and American Dad still there and The Cleveland Show cancelled for a while now, Seth Macfarlane returns with another animated series, which this time focuses  two families living in a Southwest desert town on the United States–Mexico border. The trailer didn't exactly blow me away and with the show being placed at mid-season with 13 episodes, I kind of wonder if FOX aren't confident of it being a success either. The series will debut in January 2016.

8: The Real O'Neals - ABC (Tuesdays 8.30pm)

Another show that caught my surprise, this upcoming sitcom, loosely based on Dan Savage's life focuses on an Irish-American Catholic family who seem to be going through a series of events - the parents (Martha Plimpton and Jay R. Ferguson) are getting divorced, oldest son is a football star with an eating disorder, middle son is gay and youngest daughter is a kleptomaniac. As with The Muppets, I found myself laughing and smiling with the trailer. Oh and the topless hottie during Kenny's (Noah Galvin) fantasy sequence is a nice touch too ....

Yeah, yeah, shallow post aside, these eight trailers stood out so far but I might do another post in a few days covering some other shows from the three networks as well as ones from NBC and the CW that stick out as well. 

So which new shows are you looking forward to the most?                                               

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