Friday, June 12, 2015

Doctor Who - Series 9 Return/New Writer & Fan Event

I know it's less than a week since the last Doctor Who related blog but with filming for the fourth block now completed, we've got some announcements for the fifth block, which has started filming this week.

First of all, it's been confirmed that the episode currently being filmed is the 10th episode for Series 9 and it's also been confirmed that Joivan Wade will reprising his role as Rigsy. Last seen in Flatline, Wade will appear in a modern setting episode (looks like London from filming pics) written by Sarah Dollard. The second female writer for the upcoming series, Dollard's previous credits include Neighbours, Being Human and The Game. The episode along with episode 9 is being directed by Atlantis's Justin Molotnikov. I have to admit out of all the possible returnees this series, Rigsy's is actually more surprising than Osgood to a degree but I'm intrigued to see what they have planned for the character this time around.

Meanwhile along with Comic Con in July, German fans can catch up with both Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman for a fan event in Berlin on Friday 17th July. The event will offer German fans the opportunity to see the actors for the first time in Germany. Considering that the finale is likely to begin filming in July as well, it's interesting they're having the event at exactly that time but great nonetheless though.

Meanwhile if her upcoming two parter with the Zygons wasn't enough, Ingrid Oliver has been confirmed to be reprising her role as Osgood for Big Finish's UNIT: Extinction series alongside Jemma Redgrave as Kate Stewart. Rounding off the cast for the audio series are Warren Brown as sharp shooter Lieutenant Sam Bishop, Ramon Tikaram as Colonel Shindi and James Joyce as loose cannon Captain Josh Carter. Is it me or do Sam and Josh sound like this audio series versions of Benton and Yates? Either way, it's nice to see both Kate and Osgood getting further expansion, though it can't be long before the Paternoster Gang get their own audio series, right?

Series 9 News:
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Series 9 of Doctor Who continues to film and will air on BBC1/BBCAmerica from Autumn 2015. UNIT: Extinction will be released in November.

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