Monday, June 08, 2015

MTV's Scream: The TV Series - First Look: Ghostface's Mask

With less than a month to go before MTV premiere their television version of Scream, we finally have a look at what the new Ghostface mask looks like. Without further ado ...

I have to admit, while it's not quite as iconic as the look we've known since 1996 with the infamous killer(s), it's surprisingly a lot better than expected. Given that the original rumours involved something flesh like (yuck), I think what we've got here is far better. It seems to have a similar enough look to the usual mask with some added straps as well.

Meanwhile cast shots have been released for the six main cast members of the series. The pictures are of Amadeus Serafini as Kieran Wilcox, Bex Taylor-Klaus as Aubrey Jenson, John Karna as Noah Foster, Carlson Young as Brooke Maddox, Willa Fitzgerald as Emma Duvall and Conner Weil as Will Belmont. A rather good looking young cast but definitely a case of one of them being the killer (or two of them if they're going by the rule of thumb from the movies, except Scream 3) and the rest being cannon fodder along with the various recurring cast members as well.

More Details:

Scream: The TV Series will air Tuesdays 10pm on MTV from June 30th.

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